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What type of suit?

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Hi, I was looking around and found this jacket which does not have the usual lapels but instead have what looks like a shirt collar and can actually be buttoned all the way up. With the exception of the collar, everything else looks like a suit. I also came across this jacket worn by a character in a Taiwan TV series (with 300+ episodes, no less) shown here where the collar is also like that, and another with a smoother version of such a collar. It has no buttons but zipped, I think, although I can't find the zip nor the tracks for the zip... He wears them as part of a suit. Anyone have any idea what sort of suit (if they are suits) these are? Thanks, WJTW
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Are you perhaps referring to a leisure suit?
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An ugly one
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It does look more casual, but still great nonetheless. Unfortunately I am unable to find any pictures since I can't even find any information on it. I saw one on sale which is actually a mandarin collar jacket, but has a shirt-collar-like collar attached to it. I am unsure of whether it is detachable or not, though. WJTW
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Sounds like a ghillie collar suit. These were popular sports clothes in the late 19th century. They are the father of the modern SB louhge suit.
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Nehru jacket?
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You mean something like this?
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It actually only has a shirt-collar like collar, without lapels. It does resemble a box-coat, although it is of suit length. These are the pictures of the leather box-coats. Imagine them shortened to suit-length (maybe slightly shorter) and made of the usual suit material. The first picture, imagine it has buttons instead of a zip. ]] ]] As for the second one I mentioned, here's a picture resembling the collar, although the suit's collar is slightly more spread out and flatter. Again, it is of suit length and suit material, and is worn unzipped. I didn't have pictures displayed right here because they are quite big. Thanks, WJTW
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