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Paul Fredrick shirts?

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I came across these shirt and was wondering what people think of Paul Fredrick shirts? I never heard of them before and was curious if anyone has heard of them? Any experiences? Yay or Nay?
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I bought some PF shirts for the following reasons: 1. They have a great range of sleeve sizes so I was able to avoid paying to shorten the sleeve, which costs me 9 to 15 bucks on other RTW shirts. I could get exactly the sleeve size I wanted. 2. I wanted the front ? placquet ? to be "French" style, or whatever it's called, meaning a smooth front. This, and the "European collar" PF sells, would give me a shirt that looked less like an American style shirt and more like an Italian or French one. It would go better with Italian suits. 3. Sometimes, there were incredible sales, like $17 for a shirt. I bought their shirts for a few years, and have not for the past few years. They're just not that exciting to wear, and in the end they don't really look like European shirts, just American ones with some adjustments. However, if you want an American shirt, it's a good product for the money. The rest of their clothing (ties, tops, slacks, suits, shoes) never appealed to me in terms of design.
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There was some minor discussion about this here about a month or so ago and it came up before that.  Try the search function, because it may have been deleated.
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Relatively inexpensive, a little more style-oriented than, say, BB, but basically functional and not very exciting.
Mack, you summed up nicely what I was trying to say.
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Yeh they are on sale for $19.95 right now, but only the white shirts, which i need, might pick one or two up then.
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At that price, they're a good buy. They wear well and will last you for several years. (They frequently run that sale, for new customers only.)
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Ok question on size. Do they shrink at all and/or are they sized to shrink?
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I never had shrinkage issues--so if there was any, it was minimal. I'd buy your regular size.
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