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(Thracozaag @ 07 Dec. 2004, 4:15) Tailor: Campagna or Caraceni Shirt: Bugelli, Matuozzo Shoes: Mannini koji
I have heard about Matuozzo. But I have never seen their shirts anywhere in Europe. Well Italy probably but i've never been shopping there. They are supposed to be better than Borrelli's i've heard?
Ohhh... yes indeed. Another is Merolla and d'Lero
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I would have Alan Flusser's shop make suits for me. Wait, he already does. Let me rephrase that. I would have Alan Flusser's shop make A LOT MORE suits for me.
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Tailor, one is not enough. I'd add Knize to A&S. Shirts, Kabbaz Shoes, Lobb London One can always use a dozen more suits but the first thing I'd need is a home with more wardrobe storage. Will
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Huntsman Anna Matuozzo(sp) Berluti of Paris And a variety of accessories from Boucheron, Garrard, Louis Vuitton(I want a set of trunks that store glass plate large format cameras, and a portable darkroom), etc.
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To avoid continually blowing a mint at Bergdorf with every trip to NYC, I would do the following: + at Bergdorf, have Tom Browne copy the hacking jacket and twill pants Connery wore in Goldfinger; ditto for a grey flannel suit and a white dinner jacket, but all items would have a slight break over the shoe in the trousers (unlike the models for this brand.). + Bergdorf, Ties for all those items below. MTM Spencer Hart blue blazer for travel, with pockets for pens, cell, plane tickets + Flight with multiple stops in London, Milan, Naples. Make this trip 3 times, for fitting appts: LONDON: 5 pairs of shoes at GJ Cleverley, bespoke midnight blue tuxedo with ribbed silk lapels at KFG (or huntsman, if still in business?) and a proper british DB blue blazer MILAN: 6 suits and a few sportcoats at Brioni Bespoke dept, bespoke shirts from Battistoni Milan location NAPLES: 2 suits at Sartoia Sabino + Make LOTS of charitable donations to excellent causes Of course, I'd have to buy the silver 2002 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish I've had my eye on at the dealership just outside of Atlanta.....
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Of course, I'd have to buy the silver 2002 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish I've had my eye on at the dealership just outside of Atlanta.....
I usually end up going by that dealership when we're in Atlanta. They had the Vanquish new at one point and I think they sold it and ended up getting it back used for resell. Last time I was there they had an Enzo in the showroom. Only $1M short of driving that baby out of there.
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Suits: Still experimenting; have not found someone I like yet Shirts: Kabbaz; love his shirts; would love to at least try one of the handmade Italian shirtmakers referenced here Shoes: Cleverley, Lobb St. James, EG, Lattanzi Ties: Bespoke: Marinella, T&A RTW: Robert Talbot
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Unlimited resources? An island in the south Pacific. Clothes: Suits: Attolini or Brioni Shirts: Alexander Kabbaz Shoes: Edward Green or Lattanzi The closest any of these fit into my budget are Kabbaz shirts and I'm far from being able to buy just one, let alone the minimum of six :-)
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shirts=Borrelli MTM suits=Borrelli RTW Shoes=Kiton bespoke.
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Great thread. From a manufacturer's perspective it is interesting to see the names mentioned. In our circles Attolini is considered the pinnacle of artisan clothing. I had the incredible honor of visiting the factory in Naples and meet the legend himself.......Cesare Attolini and his son Massimiliano. Due to the fact that they dressed Dutch soccer star Ruud Krol when he played for Napoli my experience was truly unforgettable. What did the artists in the shop wear?'s coats. For shirts I would say Marol out of Bologna, they do fabulous intracate work on collars and cuffs. Based on the response in this thread, I can't wait to meet Alexander on my next sourcing trip to New York. For shoes I found Andrea Ventura in Prato, just outside of Florence. He is on the Latanzi level and will create any design feature I create with ease.....he is a pleasure to work with. His shoes are not available in the States
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Unlimited resources? An island in the south Pacific. Clothes:
I'm learning to love clothes as much as some of the more obsessive types around here; however, I hope I never get to the point where I'd want to be wearing suits and shirts and shoes (or anything else) on my own private island. Since I'd park my closet in Italy: Suits:  Attolini Shirts:  Friendly local Napolitano Shoes:  Lattanzi (brown, no matter the color of the suit) I take it back:  I might keep a couple of Bespoke suits and shoes around purely as works of art   Tom
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Hmmm, if I had unlimited resources I would pay off my school loans, get the Bentley coupe (or the Maserati coupe or Aston Martin DB9), and for clothing: 1) shirts: this is tough. You all are obsessed with makers you have never worn, I am much more into the material. For example, this is why I love Barba, their use of luxurious fabrics. The fanciest in my beloved Philadelphia is probably Marol MTM, or Barton and Donaldson (local bespoke). Okay, maybe I would get a set of fifteen heavyweight cottons from Barton, and have Buggelli copy the measurements and send me 15 of his best jacquards (everyone has recommended him, he is in Florence). That cheap shirtmaker Harris, believe it or not, did make nice shirts. But she is a pain in the ass, and her materials sucked (as well as her buttons). 2) suits/jackets: unlimited resources, right? First of all, this is something I have realized by building my wardrobe over the past six months, I do not really like suits, I prefer sport jackets. So I would get 9 sport jackets made by my beloved Centofanti, in the most wonderful materials I could find (I allready have 1 suit, 1 jacket, and 1 on the way). And the pants would be assorted. For example, I am having Centofanti make me very heavy moleskin trousers, and I have two very heavyweight corduroy trousers being delivered from Bruar in Scotland. I would have Centofanti make me some beautiful flannel pants too. I would need 7, if the Bruar corduroys work out. 3) I know my taste in shoes is not exactly the same as others here. I guess with unlimited resources I would buy some Lobbs in NYC at their store. I would need only 2, since I already have a nice pair of Grensons, 1 Martigani and 1 on the way, 1 CJ, and 1 Albaladejo.
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Of course, I'd have to buy the silver 2002 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish I've had my eye on at the dealership just outside of Atlanta.....
Yeah, I know what you mean, every time I drive by Palm Beach Motorcars they have a Vanquish up on the circular pedestal, right by the window, drool... Jon.
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If I had unlimited funds, and didn't have to work, I'd go for some casual suits like Jil Sander, and Dior Homme; some overcoats from Cloak as well. I'm not as interested in wearing suits, as I am pairing a sportcoat with a nice pair of pants. For that, I'd do the same as Foxx and go crazy at Bergdorf. That store is really miles ahead of anyone else (including Barney's). I'd also be liberal with color, in the style of Chuck's Italian trip pictures. As for shoes, Berluti (Club, Olga II, and Tatuoge), Lobb (Double Monks), and a second pair of the RL Marlow Cordovan shoes I already own.
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Damn, you all beat me to it. I have nothing interesting to add, except maybe I will see all of you during my fittings Suit: Bespoke Attolini or Kiton Shirt: Bespoke Matuozzo or Kabbaz Shoes: Bespoke Berluti or Corthay Of course, I would also need a bespoke closet to house all these, and for that I will opt for Stefano Ricci. Lastly: Piano: custom Fazioli or Bosendorfer
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