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Russia House. Lot's and lot's of vodka
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Originally Posted by bullethead View Post
^^Went to Brewers Art last sunday. really cool place and the beer was nice. On the way home, walked into the Belvedere hotel, which also caught my interest. appeared to be a classic hotel-which has seen better days kind of place.

Also checked out One Eyed Mikes-which has around 960 bottles of grand marnier on its shelves for it's members. Didn't think GM could generate that type of following, but i guess i'm wrong. great food, too

Love the Brewer's Art.

Belvedere is condos now, I think, except for the ground floor, where they do events like weddings, etc. -- there's an alright bar in there as well.
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Anyone in Vancouver, BC recommend a good place to go for Wine?
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The latest always moving speakeasy of DC... Hummingbird to Mars.

I was at Central (yes, again) about 6 weeks ago and the bar manager, Justin, told me he, and a couple other bartenders from other DC restaurants, were starting up a little 2 night/week speakeasy. The drinks are great, and it's got a good vibe. At least until word gets out about it's pseudo-exclusivity.
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Well this list could go on for a while because Milwaukee, WI has many great bars but I'll give it a spin.

Night Club - Eurobar, Three, Moct
Lounge - Taylors, Hi-Hat
Dive - My Office, Wolskis, Rosie's, Jo Cats
Irish Pub - McGillicuddy's, Flannery's, The Pub, Mo's Irish Pub

Ok that's a couple.
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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post
Brooklyn, NYC (Carroll Gardens)

The best place in this neighborhood - hands down - has got to be the Clover Club

The seating is comfortable, the design is beautiful, the staff is friendly, the prices are fair, and the cocktails are old-school and perfect. I absolutely love this place.

If there are any SF members in the area, we usually go there in a small group every Tuesday at 8:30.

Clover Club is nice and very convenient for me (I live in CG)! I agree its the best in this neighborhood. I never really enjoyed Brooklyn Social when I have gone and Jakewalk just doesn't stack up (though it is admittedly more wine-centric).

If you like Clover Club, have you been to Pegu Club or Flatiron Lounge? Both are good, but I really love Pegu.
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Flatiron seems a little too 'slick' for me. Pegu seems to be a bit more personal and craft focused. Plus the bar is cool.
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Originally Posted by Huntsman View Post
Flatiron seems a little too 'slick' for me. Pegu seems to be a bit more personal and craft focused. Plus the bar is cool.

Very true. I really prefer Pegu. Also, last time I was at Flatiron it was way too crowded.

Pegu always seems to have a nice size crowd.
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Erie, Pennsylvania -- a bar and a church on every street corner.

There's too many to list but my personal favorite is The Plymouth Tavern.

25 cent draft Yeungling on Mondays, $1 imports (Harp, Guinness, Peroni, whatever) on Thursdays, and a bunch of other deals every day of the week. Really good bar food also, can't beat it.
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believe it or not I havent been to any baltiomre or dc bars, when i was into bar crawling I frequented Nashvilles second ave, and printers alley my favorite was graham central station fun crowd.
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Any recommendations for a very good cocktail bar in Midtown (close to Rockefeller Center)? This would be a business thing, with someone from a champagne company, so....
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Highly idiosyncratic list for ATL: Decatur: The Brick Store (biggest beer list I've ever seen, good single malt and bourbon selection, best pub food in town by far) is pretty much the only bar (as opposed to restaurant) I hit with any regularity in Decatur, except when I get an urge to play darts and end up at Twain's. But I don't much care for Twain's generally, so it's off the list. Little 5: Brewhouse, Euclid Ave Yacht Club (most splendidly mal-named dive bar ever). There's a new place called Porter that's trying to a second Brick Store but failing in my estimation. I do not consider Vortex a bar, but if you do put it on the list. I do not care for the Corner Tavern. VA Highlands/Poncey-Highlands: Manny's (Manuel's Tavern for non-locals), JavaVino, Pozole (little shack behind Dark Horse, best tacos in town - better than Taqueria del Sol, IMO - and great margs), the Local (especially if an epic ATL night - which is to say, MJQ or El Bar, followed by the Claremont Lounge, ending with an early morning meal at the Majestic - is in the cards), Dark Horse, Atkins Park, Noche if you consider that a bar. (Most would probably put Neighbors and Hand-in-Hand on this list, but they both annoy the hell out of me.) Midtown: Almost never go to Midtown bars. Too much of a hassle. And I don't consider places like Apres Diem bars. Buckhead: The Bucket Shop, but only during Redskins games; otherwise, who the hell would go to Buckhead for anything? Then again, if you want to be frat-tastic for a day, East Andrews/Hole in the Wall/Pool Hall/Churchill's should be your general direction. I also don't consider Eclipse di Luna a bar, unless tapas bars count. OTP: Five Seasons Brewing Company. Amazing food (not really bar food) and best microbrewery in town. I wish they would open a real Atlanta location, because going OTP is annoying. Of those mentioned, I would say my top three, in order, are Manny's, the Brick Store, and Pozole.
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