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tampopo most excellent. Got my wife into interesting movies. Before she was purely in commercial fluff.
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i never read the book. a friend of mine did and said minghella wanted to make his film version true to the novel. ripley's not gay in 'purple noon' so i don't know where minghella got it from if it's not in the book.
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My taste in movies skews heavily toward crime thrillers and noir: Memento L.A. Confidential The Usual Suspects The Last Seduction A Simple Plan Body Heat Blood Simple House Of Games The Spanish Prisoner Red Rock West Kill Me Again Fight Club Collateral To Live And Die In L.A. Seven The Game Infernal Affairs Identity The Conversation
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LA Confidential To Catch a Thief Pink Panther Caddyshack Lebowski The adaption of James Ellroy that Brian Helgelund did is absolutely amazing. To me, it is a perfect film noir movie and one of my favorite books. One movie that sucked me in and then spit me out was Hurlyburly. The first 15 minutes or so has some of the best dialogue between Spacey and Penn when they are talking to each other on their cells phones while driving to work. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie falls flat in my book. On the other hand, the first time I watched Big Lebowski, I hated it. It wasn't till I saw it again and again did I realize how amazing it is. One last thought. Why hasn't anyone ever made The Asian Saga (Shogun, Gai Jin, Noble House) into the cinematic masterpiece it deserves to be? The Richard Chamberlain production is awful.
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Just rented Harold and Kumar go to White Castle Haven't laughed that hard in ???? And De-Lovely was awfully good, too. Especially the clothes... (Have been on a movie renting binge lately)
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Gone With The is the real south as it was, we loved everybody.
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After many, many years, I saw "Paper Chase" again--the movie, not the TV series--on the Turner Classic Movie channel. I forgot how much I loved it. It would be great to see the TV series, again. "...a skull full of mush." --Professor Kingsfield
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Three Montgomery Clift movies: A Place in the Sun Trial at Nuremburg I Confess All three would be ruined if they were in color. What great acting.
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Scent of a Woman
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Originally Posted by Thracozaag View Post
Yes, I believe based on the short story "Second Variety." Apparently there's an adaptation perhaps his finest book, "THe Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch" in the works. There's also a very faithful adaptation of "Confessions of a Crap Artist", but i forget the title of the movie (It's in french). koji
+1 I quite like Dick, too. I recently viewed Blade Runner again, and it never grows tired. Confessions was one of his non-science fiction works, a very funny novel -in a tragic way-which I enjoyed. I heard they were adapting it to film back in the 90s, but I've yet to see it. I believe its called Confessions d'un Barjo and heard they shifted the story line to modern France, as I recall. Almost forgot all about it until surfing this thread: I'll have to check it out; thanks for reminding me! Wonderful collection of films being discussed here. Many great candidates for watching again, and a few listed here which sound quite good actually and which I'll have to check out also. Cheers EDIT: that's very funny, chakmak. I'm of course referring to Philip K. Dick, the novelist, silly, whose works folks can read more about here: and agree, Biggskip; nice add on the music angle, which is so oft forgotten yet adds so much to a film! I like a lot of works you mention as well, dwyhajlo: some I'm not familiar with but enjoy many of the same directors so will have to check some of those others out - thanks!
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I love how this five year old thread was resurrected because of a spammer!

Back to topic:

Heat (the most badass Moby's music has ever seemed)
Casino (perhaps best marriage of music an film of all time)
Goodfellas (1st half of the film is the most entrancing 90 min. I've ever seen)
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Originally Posted by Avocat View Post

I quite like Dick, too.

Oh really?
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Well, here's a list I prepared for something else before:
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari [1919; Robert Wiene] The General [1926; Buster Keaton] L'Atalante [1934; Jean Vigo] Cat People [1942; Jacques Tourneur] Los Olvidados [1950; Luis Buñuel] Ace in the Hole [1951; Billy Wilder] Bob le Flambeur [1955; Jean-Pierre Melville] 3:10 to Yuma [1957; Delmer Daves] Vertigo [1958; Alfred Hitchcock] Rio Bravo [1959; Howard Hawks] La Notte [1961; Michelangelo Antonioni] Yojimbo [1961; Akira Kurosawa] La Jetée [1962; Chris Marker] Bande à Part [1964; Jean-Luc Godard] Woman in the Dunes [1964; Hiroshi Teshigahara] Seconds [1966; John Frankenheimer] A Woman Under the Influence [1974; John Cassavetes] Blow Out [1981; Brian De Palma] Diva [1981; Jean-Jacques Beinex] The King of Comedy [1982; Martin Scorses] Videodrome [1983; David Cronenberg] After Hours [1985; Martin Scorses] Tampopo [1985; Juzo Itami] Big Trouble in Little China [1986; John Carpenter] Short Cuts [1993; Robert Altman] Sonatine [1993; Takeshi Kitano] Irma Vep [1996; Olivier Assayas] Fargo [1996; Joel Coen] God of Cookery [1996; Li Lik-Chi] Lone Star [1996; John Sayles] The Big Lebowski [1998; Joel Coen] In the Mood For Love [2000; Wong Kar-wai] Kairo [2001; Kiyoshi Kurosawa] Millenium Actress [2001; Satoshi Kon] Mulholland Drive [2001; David Lynch] Survive Style 5+ [2004; Gen Sekiguchi] Speed Racer [2008; the Wachowski Brothers]
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