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Best value button-down oxford shirt?

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What do people find is the best shirt for the money in a button-down, oxford or pinpoint cloth? Brooks Bros, of course, has the history and the "legendary" status, and there are nice anecdotes about rich Italian businessmen who love their shirts. Brooks has a Supima, which I think is their traditional oxford, and a pinpoint. Which do you prefer? I've looked at Land's End pinpoints (my wife said they look shabby and to send them back). Any others that you like? Do you think Brooks is the best? And which one, the Supima or the pinpoint?
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I like Brooks Bros., but they're sometimes hard to find at a good discount. That said, the last BB pinpoint button down I bought (at an outlet) has started to fray on the cuffs--and I've only had it a year and a half, so that's less than 20 washings. Previous purchases from Brooks would go for several years before showing this kind of wear. I usually buy Polo--widely available at TJ Maxx and Marshalls for 50% off retail, and they last a long time.
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I've got some Brooks, some POLO, and some Land's End in my closet. I try to wear straight or spread collars with my suits Mon-Thur-- but when I do wear a buttondown with a suit and tie, I prefer the look of a pinpoint. Seems dressier to me than regular oxford cloth. Oh, I also have one IZOD brand buttondown in a light blue check that I really like, and I think it is actually (gulp) a cotton-poly blend. I did have a blue Brooks buttondown that over some period of time, the sleeves shortened considerably and the neck got very snug due to shrinkage. (My weight is pretty consistent, and at my age, my arms aren't growing anymore). But I got a good several years out of it, and could still wear it under sweaters. It was not a pinpoint, just the regular "red label". This may not be the usual experience with Brooks, and from my understanding they are cut pretty big for the most part. I'm an "off the rack" 16-34, but like to find something in a trim or tailored fit, even with buttondowns. Overall, my Land's End shirts have done pretty well. You also might try some of the department store labels like Daniel Cremieux if you are looking for value. A lot of the bigger retailers have their own lines (with their own merits and demerits) that can be picked up on sale.
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Although I didn't care for the way the Land's End pinpoints looked, I really liked the Hyde Park, and owned some. They wore really well. Only problem is that in the southern US I find the Hyde Park is too warm to wear for much of the year, while an oxford or pinpoint is year-round.
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For RTW, Brooks. For MTM, Individualized Shirts.
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Brooks or Polo. I own a couple of Lands End hand be downs, and they are too slim for my liking. I have never tried the Cremeaux, although it seems like decent stuff. Jos. A. Bank seems nice, full cut, and very long shirt tails. Wait for a good sale.
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When I bought my first "real" dress shirts back in college--BB's Supima button downs--I saw that Land's End had button downs much cheaper. So I ordered one and was very disappointed. It paled in comparison. That was 13 years ago, but I've not ordered a Land's End shirt since. Maybe they're better now. I recently picked up a pinpoint Banks button down at thrift, and while decent I still prefer the Brooks supima button down. If you're going button down, I think BBs is hard to beat.
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Nordstrom carries some nice dress shirts under their label. Nice oxfords for $40.00.
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Ready to wear button-down oxfords... I would only consider Brooks Brothers. They have a slim fit version that really fits me. The cotton is very soft. I like the collar size. And if you wait for one of their 25% sales, you buy three shirts for a very decent price.
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Nordstrom carries some nice dress shirts under their label.  Nice oxfords for $40.00.
I bought a Nordstrom button down shirt a year ago and was very disappointed--I couldn't get the sleeves right when I ironed the damn shirt. There was too much fabric and the seams didn't lay flat--I think the sleeves were cut asymetrical front-to-back. After the third ironing, I gave the thing away, just to be rid of it.
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