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Easy Rider Jacket

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Hey guys. I was watching "Easy Rider" this weekend. Yes, the movie is dated, but the jacket Peter Fonda wears is just too sweet. Anyone know of any companies that make replicas? Price (preferably cheap)? I was thinking that it shouldn't be too hard to make myself. Just get a broken in, black motocross jacket and put the flag on the back and the reed, white, and blue accents on the front and the sleeve, although it probably wouldn't look exactly like the one in the film.
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Yes there is a repro by Schott.
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Thanks, man. That's perfect. I kind of like the challenge of trying it myself with a second hand jacket. I may try it if I can find a decent jacket in a thrift store or something
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I've never found a good motorcycle jacket in a thrift store, but I suppose it could happen. What would you use, paint? It could look cool, I think.
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Yeah, I've never found any really quality leather jackets at any of the stores around me, but I get these moments sometimes where the one item I'm looking for or thinking about, I find.  I think I'd get some white fabric or nylon and layer the red and blue on top, which would be nylon or fabric too.  Something that wouldn't really fade or bleed if it got wet.  If I could find some dyed leather, that would be sweet, but it's probably expensive.   Sewing with leather can be a bitch, I had to reattach a button on the jacket I have now and it was tough going through it.  But my grandfather used to do upolstery as a side job and he had a ton of heavy duty tools for working with heavy fabric, so that should help. Paint might work though. *edit for my horrible spelling*
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The sleeves on a motorcycle jacket are cut so they fit properly while your hands are on the controls. The cut of a motorcycle jacket is designed to be comfortable while astride a motorcycle. My opinion is that you may as well walk around wearing a motorcycle helmet. To me it looks about as silly. If you don't have a motorcycle, but you have a motorcycle jacket, you are a poser. -Tom
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Although I don't own one, I do occasionally ride my friend's motorcycle.    Also, I couldn't care less about looking like a poser.  There are plenty of other people I see everyday that do worse faux pas than wearing a motorcycle jacket without owning a motorcycle themselves.
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I agree with Mike. If I own a hacking jacket but do not "hack", am I a poseur? Is it okay if I wear the motorcycle jacket and just want a motorcycle instead of actually owning one? BTW, some motorcycle jackets are cut like you say, and some are cut sort of in-between casual and riding use. The Vanson I've had my eye on for a while allows your arms to rest at normal non riding position but is gusseted to allow comfortable riding as well. I think once you get into the zippers-and-chains type of motorcycle jackets then you are in poseur territory. But the cafe racer style have always been considered part casual wear.
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Sorry, I was feeling bitter, because I rode motorcycles exclusively for thirteen years. after getting my skull fractured, I gave it up, and my greatest regret is selling my sweet Hein Gericke jacket. I just felt that I couldn't continue to wear it if I didn't have a bike. I didn't mean to come off sounding so aggressive. Anyone who is on a website about personal style is inherently NOT a poseur. tom
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If I may add, there should be a distinction between motorcycle-style jackets and actual bike jackets w/ padding and protection. Wearing a fashion item that derives meaning form the culture commodified many decades ago is not much of a crime. However lately I have seen people wearing actual protective jackets - which is absurd, but funny. To poke fun at them I simply wait until they approach a lady and then interrupt the conversation to ask them if they lost their helmet, or where did their park their bike. The helmet in my hand makes the point very obvious.
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Yeah, gqelements, those are the real posers. I'll laugh at those fools all day. I don't plan on being remotely like them. Tom, no hard feelings . I can understand where you're coming from.
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C'mon guys,lighten up.Is Mick Jagger a poseur? I've seen many pictures of him sporting a motorcycle leather,yet never astride a Harley.How about The early Beatles,seldom seen without MC leathers.The Ramones,The Clash,seldom deemed poseurs,yet always in leathers.To take it further,should anyone in a trench coat actually have to be a spy,or be looked upon as a phony?Or anybody in a pea coat not a veteran "Swabby"? Better yet,how about a jeans jacket or Levis jeans or cowboy hats.You'd better be a real honest to goodness cowpuncher or be frowned upon.Go tell a rap star he's a poseur for wearing an uniform jersey yet isn't really an athlete. Pu-lease,what do you think many forms of fashion are derivative of? An actual functional piece of garb.Though people wearing motorcycle leathers may have never ridden one,they've become undeniable,iconic classics of American and international fashion,and I don't think people should ridicule them simply because they don't have "helmet in hand." I have more respect for someone in motorcycle gear than for the masses in their North Face, cookie cutter,"I wanna be like everybody else" garb.
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Leather, yes. I own 3 leather jackets. But when someone is wearing the protective riding gear, complete with Kevlar reinforcements, and do not own a motorcycle they deserve to be ridiculed. I hear what you're saying though. I see at least 400 people a day with the North Face jacket/Buberry scarf ensemble. I'm all about individuality, hence looking for {or better yet, making} an Easy Rider jacket, which I've never seen around my area outside of the movie.
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I hear ya,Mike-Kevlar for street wear is a bit over the top and actually ugly.I think we agree on the dime a dozen yuppie North Face /Burberry uniforms.I think Vanson had a jacket with the flag on its back quite some time ago-you might check out Ebay from time to time-I betcha one will pop up.[b]
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This is all you really need...
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