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Witness a attempted scam at Filene's Basement

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I was browsing the suit section at Filene's Basement this past weekend. Full of crap as usual except for one Oxxford and one Luciano Barbera (the real deal, not fused) both $999 with 25% off on all suit $250 or above. The original $2495 price tag still attached for the Barbera suit. Both were not my size and still too expensive for eBay flipping so I moved on. Not a minute too soon another woman came to the Barbera suit, examining it and putting it back to rack. She then asked a clerk who was working nearby how much's the suit as there's no FB's price tag.. That's impossible, the price tag was there just moments ago. She must have pulled the price tag off the suit. She then proceeded to indicate the price tag on the suit next to the Barbera was $250, so she reasoned, the Barbera must be also $250 ($188 with 25% off). She tried to trick the clerk into attaching a $250 price tag to the Barbera.. Knowing how clueless those clerks are, there's a very good chance that her scam worked. But no dice. The clerk saw the original $2495 price and reasoned it couldn't be $250. She told her she had to check with the manager for the price. Then she found the $999 price tag on the floor and attached it back to the Barbera. That woman left empty-handed. Scam averted. I was prepared to tell the clerk the true price of the suit if that woman had a chance of getting away a Barbera suit for $188.
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Unfortunately, that happens daily in my retail experience. Its too bad. These people ruin it for the honest shopper.
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Wow -- what FB was this? And, more importantly, what size was the Barbera? I run into funny stuff at Filene's all the time. I'll make no secret, I buy stuff from there for the sole purpose of reselling, either at small-to-zero profit to members of this board or for some spending cash on Ebay. But I don't clean them out and then return the goods that I made mistakes on. But people return non-Ebay sellers all the time. The other day I was making a return (something didn't fit me), and I got stuck in line behind a 20 year-old kid who returned 28 Prada shirts, all in the same size and color. He said they were "for his brother" and that they didn't fit..
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It's 40R. With 25% off plus tax, you are looking at $815. If you or anyone is interested, I can pick it up for you.
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AHHHH. Why does it have to be my size? What does it look like if I may ask.
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IIRC, it's charcoal grey with very very subtle teal blue strips. If you're really interested, I'd wait. There'll probably be additional reductions as X'mas is getting closer, like those scratchy thingy coupons.
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Man, I wish we had a FB here in SoFla. Jon.
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Not that much of a scam. I am eyeing a 46 Corneliani Linea Sartoria suit for my brother (Johnny Norman, if you pick this up, I will hunt you down and well, I don't know, insult your clothes) that will soon be $250.
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LA Guy, if I buy that suit -- and I know the one you are talking about -- I will sell it to you for $250 and we'll grab a beer. Deal?
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Johnny Norman, Sounds like a deal to me.
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