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winter linen ????

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I live in Boston and we are in our lovely winter months and I was wondering if it is a no-no to wear linen now ? If sweaters are a no go then what about a nice pair of flat front, beige,linen khaki's ? They are fairly heavyweight and not like some of the other see-through linen pants that are out there.
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Been there done that... The scary part about this is that you were the one that asked this question before. JJF
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yes, I remember asking that question, but it did not refer to pants, which I am now asking about. No use using the search if I'm only getting my own queries, now is there ?
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My gut feeling is that I wouldn't wear them - no matter how heavy they are. I just don't think linen and/or light colors look right in winter/cold weather. Choose a nice pair of wool pants instead. Bradford
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I wear linen, and light linen at that, in the winter. Of course I'm in South Florida, so my perspective is completely different than some one, say in Manhattan. I guess just dress weather and circumstance appropriate. Jon.
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It doesnt really matter how heavy the linen is, you will freeze your ass of in the winter if you wear them. I have a pair of very heavy RLPL cream linen pants, and even at that weight they are only summer wear. The wind whistles through them, and the heaviness of the fabric seems to have no effect on how warm they feel when on.
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Sure, you can wear linen in Boston in the winter. No one will call the cops. However, you'll look poorly dressed like the guy who breaks-up a suit and wears the suit coat as a sportscoat. You'll look like a clueless hick. On the same note, you can also wear 22 oz. moleskin trousers in August on Cape Cod. Certain cloths are seasonal. It would look plain weird to sport a seersuck suit on Newbury Street in January. Also, you'll freeze to death. Linen is for summer. Period.
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O.K., I get the point, no Linen til spring. Thanks guys.
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