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I wear a small in most tees and polos eg Hickey, BS, shades of greige etc etc I wear a medium in the Gunz tees but those are Japanese too. The Mofm tee does fit drapery like on the model. The Mr. Olive shirt is the one that's tight in the arms since I have muscles. Still I had no problem buttoning the last button at the neck, which is why I don't know if I should return it for a large. hmmmmm
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Mr. Olive is tight by Japanese standards - strong Dior influence. For a bit of a comparison, Hysteric is more of a American cut and a small t-shirt by Hys is larger than a Mr. Olive medium. Another comparison, I wear medium t-shirts by Hys and Large t-shirts by Mr. Olive which are tight and I am 6' 170 lbs. I cannot fit into a button down by Mr. Olive as I am too broad in the chest. Hoodies, t-shirts, polos, and most jackets fit me perfect in size large.

Mr. Olive did start making XL for us this spring/summer collection on cut & sew only. XL should work for someone about 6'2" 185 lbs. That is about the max size on any tops.

Please e-mail or PM me before ordering. I would be glad to give more specific dimensions or additional photos.
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What about Man of Moods tshirts in comparison to those.
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Here are a couple of my photos wearing MofM 3. I am 6' and 170 lbs. I can fit into most of MofM 3 but can't fit into a few really tight MofM 3 jackets. I feel very comfortable with MofM 3 cut & sews; I like the fit - but then, I don't like loose fit. See the difference b/w my fit and Kylan's fit (on our web). It depends on what look you want. Some of our customers do get one size up for layering or for a loose fit; some prefer a tight fit.

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I'm 5'8 and my weight goes from like 140 - 145 pounds, I'm fairly athletic but by no means built.

How would a size 2 fit (what I'd probably get) in your opinion.
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Deluks - You should be MofM 2, Mr. Olive medium. You are about the same size as Yuki who is 5'7" & 145 lbs and 30" waist.

Yuki wearing Mr. Olive medium ribbed shirt.

Yuki wearing MofM size 2 shirt with size 2 denim.
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Our Anniversary Sale has begun and we just updated prices on sales items,

We offer 20% discount on regular price, which does not stack onto the sales price. If there is a specific sales item you have your eye on, e-mail or PM me and I will give you the best possible price. Sales items are final and we will cover the shipping (US & Canada) if the total after discount is over $100.
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Got my silk MoM shirt a while ago. Great piece, fast shipping, excellent people.
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We just received sandals from Mr. Olive & Libera Fantasista. Only have size US 8-1/2 & 9 left. More detail shots are on our blog, Here are a couple of quick pics. These are all designed in Japan, but made in Italy.

Mr. Olive Woven Leather Tongue Sandal

Libera Fantasista Silver Cord Sandal

Mr. Olive Cross Mesh Sandal

Also, we are still running the Bodywild by Gunze deal on any combination of t-shirts and boxers - buy any 2 items and get a 3rd (of your choice) free. Goes until the end of June.
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Jus got Mr Olive cardigan from Atsui. Very impressed with the quality and fit. Amazing service from Jay

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Our store will be 1 year old as of August 1st and I want to thank everyone here for their support. We have not be an affiliate long, but we hope to be here a long time. From now until Sunday August 2nd, take an additional 20% off anything (so that's a 40% discount on any non-sale item, or an additional 20% off if it is already marked down.) Please PM or e-mail. Thank you again.

Our fall collections are starting to arrive. Man of Moods and Mr. Olive are expected next week. There will be some new additions this fall as well that are more in-line with the forum, more in terms of denim.
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We just received our first Man of Moods fall items and have a few pieces on our website. More items will be up later in the week. Check out the other thread for some quick detailed photos.

Our first Mr. Olive fall shipment is expected by early next week.
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New label we will carry this fall is Sugar Cane. First shipment arrives next month and we will carry the SCXSC06. Samples look great. Our first shipment will also have 1947s and Okinawas all in one wash. Sorry, but no discounts on Sugarcane.

I will have items up on our online shop to preorder by this weekend, but if you know your size and want to reserve anything, PM me. Also, if you are in Seattle and want to see any samples, I have them in our store but need to send them back by tomorrow.
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Mr. Olive's F/W will arrive this coming weekend. I will get photos up as soon as possible.

I have had many requests for a Mr. Olive leather bracelet, so I thought I should post it again here. I am sold out on all bracelets in our upcoming shipment, so if you have ordered already you are set. I am trying to get more from Mr. Olive's headquarters, however, they are closed for 1 week for a national holiday and I should get an answer on Monday the 18th. For anyone else who is interested, check the link attached and PM or e-mail if you are interested. I will sell at $58 to SF.

Some better photos from our site:
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Any update on the Mr Olive stock?
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