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Originally Posted by lordsuperb View Post

You're killing me bro.

If it's any consolation my pink jacket is much worse.
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Think pink jackets can look good. Shade/tone is everything. Saw a really nice soft basketweave in the right shade of pink. sweater like feel to the cloth


 "A study in pink"?  That was the best one of the BBC Sherlock series

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Originally Posted by David Reeves View Post

Its not that one, its 197348 which is a brighter blue. Mohair is rather iridescent and can look quite different under bright lights as opposed to natural or subdued lighting. Posted this before, but here I am wearing it to give a different perspective.

Thanks for the reference, and the photos look great.


I have owned countless navy things. I've been searching for a tone that isn't boring. The problem with French/electric blue is that it is too bright, almost feminine (IMO) and definitely too obviously dandy-ish for professional occasions. A colleague of mine had a bright blue suit which he was rather proud of and everybody talked about it at work (not always in a good way). In fact 2 years later he mentioned in conversation he had been speaking at a conference and one of our common ex-colleagues immediately said "in the blue suit"? 


The problem with navy proper is that most shades are a bit dull, both in low level lighting in offices and winter, and in the street under the sun. My only exception is a herringbone odd jacket which looks great if there is plenty of light due to having similar properties to that Dormeuil, although not to the same extent, but unlike the Dormeuil it just dies in low lighting. Wish I knew colour theory better to be able to analyse what they have in common and different.


This is the first time I find a colour that gets that trade-off between interesting and professional just right - there is depth, intensity and life in it but it does not grab everybody's attention from a mile. It makes you look very energetic in the photos. Now to find a swatch book... 

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Basically sounds it should be called: Bright Navy

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Very sharp cut !



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Remember to me the Italian clean cut of 60s:


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@carpy65 - This thread can now stop

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^I don't like anything Italian, but that double breasted suit is really good. 

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Musella Dembech.


*sorry if repost..*

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