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The Joker costume from The Dark Knight remake

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Hello all, I was hoping that some could shed light with your knowledge.

So I would like to work on making the same outfit that The Joker from The Dark Knight wears.

So I will be stopping over at a local thrift store in search for a dark green vest which shouldnt be too bad to find. And while im there hopefully get those killer socks

So I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on where to get his collard shirt. Among with some of the other pieces of clothing, heh.

Here's some pics:

I would like to get something as close as I can to these items and I dont know if I'll really be able to find a hexagonal blue collard shirt by just random shopping.
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So, what occasion are you gonna wear that?
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dont think it looks that bad at all...

besides, it could always work for halloween
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I like it too. I think you'd have to try and source the fabric (who knows from where) and have it done MTM though.
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What colour are those socks? I like the large polka dots or whatever they're supposed to be but a blue-olive or black-olive (how it looks to my eye) seem a little muted. But then I suppose the whole outfit is rather dark.
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And yes, the occassion is Halloween. I would like to have a costume that i can have for years to come. I believe the socks are a dark green with a tan checkard pattern. But id have to go through the trailer really slow again to find out.

Any ideas on where to get the fabric for the shirt? Or a shirt of simmilar color/pattern?
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I though the OP was really going to wear that seriously. It isn't far-fetch since there was a thread asking about where to buy his shoes.
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Here is a better pic
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Is that a seven fold tie he's wearing?
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i kinda like those shoes he's wearing...
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There is an incotex version of those pants for sale somewhere in the incotex BS threads
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I have obtained a vest! Or at least a vest in progress. I have both a real vest, and i went out and bought a blazer from a local store that will work great if i get rid of the sleeves. Now, if i could learn to use a sewing machine... haha. Still looking for a shirt of the same color, so ill go to a few more shops next week, and also find purple pants. did someone say there was a link to a pair of pants similar to these?
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That is perfect. I'll buy them after work. Thanks for lookin!
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I know this is a toy but it should help you on completing the look, this a look you probably won't see until the movie comes out.

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I love the detail on that doll.
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