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What ever happened to PaperDenim&Cloth?

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I tried searching but couldn't really find a firm answer.

I was just curious, what ever happened to PaperDenim&Cloth? They used to be everywhere. Now, it seems like stores are just waiting for their stock to run out. I own a pair of PD&C and they were, and probably still, one of the softest and most comfortable pair of jeans without breaking it in.

Can anybody shed some info?
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They used to decently made until they decided to lower their price point several years ago and with it, their quality.
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the got bought out by federated after scott left to do ES. They started buying lower quailty denim and started manufactoring off shore. the rest is history.
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That really sucks. When did this happen? Last year or a while ago? So the ones that can be found now at stores are all lower quality compared to a couple of years ago?

No wonder they are never mentioned when talking about raw or selvedge jeans.
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Years ago, it's all shit, and they were mostly a 7fam company so no raw/selvage stuff ever to my knowledge.
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^^^ Yeah but I figured they would be in the mix of things if they were still making good quality jeans. As a company though, are they pretty much done? As in their not making any new products? or are they still around but their jeans eventually end up at Marshall's or Ross?
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I think they are still around and making jeans. I'm not sure though. I have a pair of chinos from PD&C that are really old but tough as hell.
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At some point after they got bought out I'm pretty sure they announced that the $100-$200 market for flashy jeans was full and I believe they ended up making even cheaper jeans after that and migrated down the mall department store totem pole. I might be remembering totally wrong so listen to the guys who sell denim for a living instead!
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i have a pair of PDC jeans that i got really cheap from Ross $25. like mentioned above, the quality is mediocre, but the cut is nice.
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ES is where quality like PDC GTO1year still exists. I see PDC stuff at UO on sale for $20 now. Shame..
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Here is the website:




I've got a pair ofsimilar to PDC cargo shorts and like them very much, unfortunately PDC doesn't make them anymore.

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wow major gravedigging
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sorry internet went haywire
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sorry internet went haywire
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oops quadruple post
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