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Originally Posted by SecretService View Post
Ilan at Legion is one of the good guys in the business. His store is top notch and definitely should be on the radar for all Angelenos and people visiting. Larchmont is one of the best neighborhoods in LA to grab lunch or a drink on a weekend afternoon so getting over there is worth it.

He does know of the forum and his site is currently in the works.

take care.

- SS
Slow day at work? Shouldn't you be at the airport blowing kisses to Rob and Lloyd? I was pretty impressed with Legion. They had some good gear and their clearance section was in SF sizes. My favorite part was probably their baracuta collection although I did find some nice half-selvage RB trousers.
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I see that they have a new blog:

Hope they keep up on it.
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Looks cool. Just a reminder that Saturday's in Nov. (if all goes to plan) there's be a Secret Service road show hosted at Legion. I'm sure Chad or Luke will mention it on the SS thread but it's a great chance to check out the stock of two great stores.
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Not Saturday, Sunday. Nov. 2nd to be exact. Y'all come down now, ya hear? I should be dropping by the following weekend.
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I'll put this in the official list of stores...

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I just dropped into Legion, which is in my new neighborhood. I saw it the other night for the KZO event, which I mentioned in the CdG Guerrilla thread, and I wanted to see the rest of the brands they carry.

I ended up talking with Ilan about his store for a while today. Really cool guy with some seriously great fashion buying skills. Engineered Garments, APC, Paul Smith, Comme Des Garcons, Rag & Bone, Kicking Mule Workshop, Rogan, etc. are all represented.

He also has some excellent stuff from Oliver Spencer, Baracuta, Mackintosh, and will be getting in the Raf by Fred Perry. Next year there should be a few shoes... then I won't have to shop anywhere else!

I'm hoping that he'll be on the forum in the near future. Also, I realize that my recommendation for KaZuO was buried in another thread... but seriously check out their stuff... Their clothes look excellent.

Just wanted to add my small recommendation to Whodini and Secret Service's. Really cool place run by a guy who's into the same aesthetic as a lot of us.
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I placed a phone order with Ilan a couple of weeks ago.
Top-notch service.
Places like this make me regret moving out of LA.
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