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jacket buttons and eBay flipping

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So I found a heavily discounted Brioni jacket and am considering buying it to resell on eBay. Only notable issue is that it's missing the packet with sleeve buttons et al, and since the sleeves are unfinished, whoever buys it would have to find some himself for his tailor. Assuming you saw an auction for such a jacket and were interested, how significantly would the lack of those buttons affect your decision on whether to buy and the amount you'd be willing to pay. I'm trying to figure if I should buy it or not.
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the lack of buttons wouldn't deter me at all. please tell me it's a 40.
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There's no size tag on it (I think it was a M2M that didn't get picked up), but it was racked with the 44-46's. If I order it tomorrow (depending on the advice I get here), I'll post measurements when it comes in and put it up for sale/auction.
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Hey, I did the exact same thing-- I bought a brioni sportcoat New with Tags for an incredible discount, no sleeve buttons with it. I sent it to (I know I mention these guys a lot, but they do a GREAT job for a good price-- and they will add functional buttonholes) Atlanta Custom Clothes. I think it is important to have ALL of the buttons replaced, don't try to match the existing buttons. Given them a call (listed in Steve's book; I lent mine to someone so I don't have the number handy for you)
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Well it's a little tricky since it's clearly a blazer, as all of the buttons are metal and have various engraving type things on them. I'd honestly prefer not to go to the trouble of getting extra buttons, so I'd just sell them w/o and hope nobody cares enough to avoid bidding. FWIW the jacket is $300 or so, and isn't some far out fabric (it's a double breasted charcoal pinstripe); is there enough profit potential to make it worth the risk?
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Double-breasted and pinstriped are two fairly significant strikes when it comes to a blazer, in my experience.  I think you'll still be able to sell it for a profit, but it's not a sure thing.
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just bumping once to see any more opinions since this is kind of a snap decision. thanks.
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If it had metal buttons I would get them replaced ASAP anyways. I can definitely see how someone would be frustrated if the suit had special buttons that weren't included with it, but as long as you make mention of it in your auction, I dont see any real trouble coming out of it.
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D/B charcoal pin - are the buttons metal/enamel with a Brioni B or some sort of logo? If so, sounds like a vintage Brioni suitcoat. They used to put fancy buttons on suitcoats way back when...
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