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Weekend Bags?

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Looking for a nice weekend bag for the spring road trips. I am looking for something that is primarily canvas with leather. I really like the bag that is pictured. Anything similar to it would be great. Anyone selling or know where I can find something?
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If you're looking for bags on the cheaper side, you should check out goodwill or thrift shops. If you want a new bag I would suggest Macy's, they have alot of bags similiar to the one you posted. Macy's is ofcourse, a bit pricey! You could maybe try target, walmart, kohl's, T.J. Maxx...places like these could be promising! Hope this helps!
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who makes the one you pictured?
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I'm still hunting for mine.
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Originally Posted by polarbear View Post
who makes the one you pictured?

it looks like prada maybe?
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Originally Posted by pg600rr View Post
it looks like prada maybe?

ah, you're right. i kept thinking it said "plank" (monitor not great) and i'm not familiar enough with the prada logo to figure it out. it's on bluefly for those interested, about $1300.
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damn $1300 is alot for a weekend bag imo, but then again i guess not if it lasts you 10 years or so... I love the bag but cannot drop that much $$ on a weekend bag at the moment...
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Ha, I just used this weekend bag from Urban Outfitters for the first time this weekend. It is not exactly head turning or Filson quality, but it's a nice stop gap for now, and it was $15.

SF user Robin is selling a nice looking Jack Gomme bag in the B+S forum. Maybe a little small for a weekender but that depends on how you pack.

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check out mulholland at STP. They have a couple nice canvas, leather trimmed duffels. with a 20% coupon code, the price is pretty damn good.

Edit: there is this nice bag available from korchmar as well. Here's a pic of it, available in either 22" or 26":

The 22" can be had for $225 or so, but I can't locate the seller at the moment. If you're really interested in it, i can try to find the web site where I found the lowest price when I have the time.
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Does anyone know if the japanese "porter" bags (the monacle special shown here) are available in NYC, and if so, where? I'm desperately searching for an unobtrusive bag (non-filson) in which I can place my laptop, documents, and gym clothing when necessary. This sounds easy, but finding something reasonably priced with the right proportions/look is actually very tricky. Thanks, EIx2
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absolutely beautiful.
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There is one very similar to the OP's picture on ebay right now.


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band of outsiders weekend bag is where its at!
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