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Paul Stuart suit, made in Canada

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Anyone know who makes suits for Paul Stuart? The suit was made in Canada. All comments appreciated.
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I thought Samuelsohn (which I believe is Canadian) made some of the suits for Paul Stuart. Am I right?
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Yes, it was Samuelsohn. Nice suits. Samuelsohn has a wide range of fabrics, including a line they call something like "premier" or "exclusive" or something like that - that line has fabrics up to super-130s. I'm sure Paul Stuart has its pick of the best fabrics. I've also always admired PS's variety of colors and designs, so Samuelsohn must have some pretty nice fabrics available. Plus, PS has been selling "Made in Canada" suits for years, and they charge a premium for them, so Samuelsohn must be doing something right.
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That's what I've heard. Samuelsohn is indeed Canadian and they make a nice suit. It might be a Coppley as well which also makes a fine suit. I have a Samuelsohn suit that I would say is close to quality and style to a Canali. I have a very limited knowledge of suits but the suits I have seen are all canvas.
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The Canadian suit maker at Paul Stuart is almost certainly Samuelsohn from Montreal. My local men's shop recently replaced Hickey Freeman with Samuelsohn. Coincidentally, the HF sales rep also switched to Samuelsohn. At the first Samuelsohn trunk show, I asked the rep about Paul Stuart's relationship with his company. He said that Samuelsohn mostly acts as a cut-make-trim shop for Stuart. That is, Stuart provides it's own cloth and patterns, Samuelsohn cuts, makes, and trims (zippers, buttons, linings, etc.) it into garments. The upshot is that the non-Paul Stuart buyer of a Samuelsohn suit does not have the benefit of the cloths and models you can find at Paul Stuart. There are two coat models in the Samuelsohn line that Paul Stuart developed several years ago (low button-stance, wide lapels), but has abandoned. In a gesture of kindness, Stuart allows Samuelsohn to sell the obsolete models to their "regular" customers.
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Here is their website: Samuelsohn Apparently all their suits are fully canvased.
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Anyone care to estimate the retail cost of a Paul Stuart suit?
post #8 of 17 I have one that I love, a navy flannel chalkstripe that fits me almost perfectly. From a thrift shop of course. Interestingly, it is listed as a "40 Semi-long" in the label. Haven't measured it to see what that entails, but it is notable in that they have (or had) an intermediate length.
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The retail cost of a Paul Stuart suit varies from about $850.00 - $1400. They have an upper level, called Stuart's Choice (which I believe is made by Isaia, and those retail for about $1750-$2400.00.
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I have two Paul Stuart RTW suits made in Canada, and they are my favorite suits.  The fabrics are excellent and hard wearing, and the fit is perfect (which is also testament to the tailoring services at Paul Stuart; the tailor spends a good deal of time on the measurements, and the results have been perfect).   Samuelsohn does seem to make a wide variety of sizes for PS; my most recent purchase is a 41 extra long, which I have never seen before and which has given me an entire new look. Yes, PS is a tad on the high end for RTW, but I have found them to be excellent value for the money.
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I bought a RTW tux there, made by Samuelson, in an odd size (41 XL) about five years ago. Fully canvased, nearly all the right trimmings. $800. An amazing deal, if you ask me, and I think that was full retail.
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They also have a great selection of "odd trousers". The little detail that I love about PS pants is the wide leg bottom on their pants. They dont seem to taper very much at all on the bottom of the pants, which I really like.
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Incidentally, PS suits can regularly be found on Ebay. Right now, there's a 44L (actually a semi-long, I learned from an email to the seller) that is pretty tempting. A few months ago, I bought a spectacular 100% cashmere blazer by PS (Made in Canada) for something ridiculously cheap like $75 on Ebay. As with some other not so well known makes/stores, these items often fly under the radar, so great buys can be had. A few months ago, I also bought 12 PS shirts in my size that we being sold by one seller (who was selling 14 or 15 of them; I didn't get 2 or 3 of the total). The most I paid for any was $31 -- and four of them were the Sea Island - like Stuart's Choice. Several were brand new too. Ebay comes through again.
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Many of Paul Stuart's suits are made by Samuelsohn, which is based in Montreal, Canada. They also get some of their suits from Empire, also out of Montreal.

Canadian clothiers are unique in that they have a special trade agreement with Italy that allows them the receive Italian-made fabric without a tariff, then construct the suit in Canada, and ship to the US without a tariff. So, more or less, you're buying an Italian suit at a lower price than something like a Canali or other Italian-made clothing. This is why you see so many well made suits coming from Canada nowadays.
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Not sure if that was worth resurrecting an ancient thread, but thanks.
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