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Matching leathers

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As I was slipping on my brown suede Certo monks from DiscoStu before going out tonight (playing the good Italian and pairing them with gray pants) I got to wondering about matching them to a belt. Just got the shoes yesterday, so haven't had a chance to find a chocolate suede belt. Why is it exactly that it's considered to be "trying too hard" when matching tie and square, but not so with leathers? Is there room for some creativity in the stylish man's choice of leather? I'm not talking about wearing brown shoes with a black belt...maybe a colored belt, in a somewhat more casual environment? A deep purple I think would be nice, if it were to not clash with or detract from the shirt. Tom
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Hmm, I'm not convinced that it's absolutely necessary to match leather colors for outerwear/shoes, I've been doing some experimentation in this area as most of my outerwear is black, but I've worn very dark brown shoes with black leather to good effect, and have been experimenting with other color combos.
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I think the standard take on this is match belt to shoes, more or less, but that leather outerwear and shoes/belt need not match. I often wear black leather coats w/ brown leather/suede shoes.
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Don't match, but contrast texture, finish or even color.
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