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Here is another auction for the same shoes.  Of course, the seller is an eBay newbie from China with zero feedback who accepts only cash and money orders.  I'm not sayin' that the seller is a fraud, but the wording of the auction looks awfully familiar . . .
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I saw those "from China" "no Paypal" shoes -- very suspicious. I was just about to place a bid on the ones in my size when I noticed these weren't from the Grapevinehill Ebay seller. Who, by the way now hs something like 120 RLPL shoes on EBay (many are casual shoes though, not made by EG), including several new monkstraps that he just posted.
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Two more "sellers" from China have popped up on eBay.  Kinda curious that such an exclusive shoe would be so available.  
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I see the Chinese-based seller (who has zero Ebay feedback) now has the crocs all the way up to size 14 US...
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Yes, but he's offering a full refund if not satisfied.  Sounds good enough to me; I'll just go to my bank and withdraw 400 British pounds to mail to China in a brown envelope.  Or maybe I should send my banking info so we can do a direct transfer.  
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i can't even be bothered to report the listings
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sure, full refund, but if you send him cash or a money order, how do you know he will send it back? I dont trust this guy at all.
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If you're going to run a scam by copying another seller's auctions, the least you can do is make an effort to change the item description.
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I opened this thread expecting an exhultant football fan's toasting the U of Florida's stealing Urban Meyer away from Notre Dame.
Do you really think it will do them any better than Zook, I can not believe the way they did Zook, he did alright with the talent he was given and the fact that Spurrier leaving hurt recruiting.
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Umm, florida has pretty good talent with Fazon and Leak... Zook is just a bad coach IMO.
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eBay pulled the first set of phony auctions.  Good for them.
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One pair, a size 11, just hit $1825.
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One pair, a size 11, just hit $1825.
Something "popped" on these 11's(?)--tough luck for our comrade Phil (I assume he'll take himself out of it at this point...?). Otherwise, running $455-710 on the remaining 3 pairs with inside of 2 days to go. Size 11's aside, I think we're gonna see some fireworks on the last day for the other pairs. Hold onto your hats, you sub-$1,000 guys; it's gonna be a bumpy ride.
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That guy must really like RL - look at his Feedback, he bought a RL chair and ottoman... and alligator RL sandals one size smaller than the shoes he's currently bidding on
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yup, I am out of the running. I had set my threshold at $1450.00. I guess I am gonna have to wait for a pair. It will make them all the more sweet when I do finally have a pair. I can take some consolation in the fact that I really wanted brown instead of black.
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