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The seller appears to be calling them the "Attilee". There seems to be an "i" in there. I think this is an incorrect spelling, anyway. They're nice, I guess, but alligator would be too much for me. I'll stick with calfskin or shell cordovan for now.
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l'd be more than happy to snap up the gator loafers if they were in my size. l love gator. Gator is for guys that rule. Gangsters need not apply.
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That's what I thought too, though being neither a Gators or Irish fan or foe, it doesn't excite me as much  
well, i'm a gator and i'm tickled pink that we got meyer away from the irish. touchdown jesus - not for meyer. its the chomp in the swamp. the urban legend continues in gator country. sorry - just very excited about the whole coaching situation. now back to your regular scheduled programming ...
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Very English,and very comfortable. Those elasticized side gussets make for an excellent fit. I have 2 similar pairs from Crockett & Jones and Alan McAffee,and they look great with many different trousers and receive many compliments.[b]
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There's a pair of these in size 9 with bidding at $150 as I write. I must not get out enough--my first reaction was to wonder if the $5000 list price was accurate...
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I predict that no one will even want them so they wont go anywhere near the retail price in bidding. Does anyone actually wear alligator shoes?
16 bids w/ 9 days to go says you're in the minority. I predict they will end up over $1,000 (fact is, I was going to make this claim yesterday, when there was only 1 bid of $.01, but I didn't have the balls. 15 bids and $100 later, I guess they've descended....) When you present a reasonably good photo image, coupled with a highly embellished text that underscores exclusivity and desirabilty (doesn't hurt to mention the $5k retail price, either), you've got a formula guaranteed to bring 'em out of the woodwork. How about an actual prediction for how the auction will turn out: I say 32 bids at $1,550 final bid. I'm sure others here are better at figuring out the psychology of how these things evolve, but I figure there will be a number of bottom feeders hanging around 'til the bidding gets above several hundred dollars or so, after which they will fall away. That will leave the serious, core bidders who have already decided that they want the shoes and have a set number for how much they're willing to pay. I then imagine there might be 2 bidders left at the end, taking the auction up into the stratosphere; above $1,000. Any other predictions? Hey maybe we can turn this into a friendly competion, with one winner for total # of bids, and one for $ amount? The winners would pat on the back, or? Sound like fun? Sound stupid? At any rate, I've made my prediction, now its a game of waiting. Afterthought: To make it a fair playing field, anyone participating would have to cast their prediction by a certain date/time, say tomorrow (Sunday) by 10:00 p.m. EST.
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Originally Posted by nightowl6261a,03 Dec. 2004, 2:24
I rather feel like the great German conductor Arthur Nikisch, who arriving at New York to conduct the New York Philharmonic told the press that he had scheduled a number of works by Richard Wagner. When the interviewer mentioned that New York audiences did not like Wagner, he replied: "Zen ve play him, till zey do."
HAHA. koji
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l am extremely tempted to bid on those shoes. They only ship to the U.S though. Maybe someone could buy them on my behalf in the U.S and sell them to me. Would anyone consider helping me out?
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I'm bidding on the 8s. I really want them.
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zjpj83: don't bid on the 8's, they are fakes. Leave those shoes to me. l want them too.  
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Text Here's another one for you reptilian-loving aficionados.
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I think the Lobb alligators currently listed are awesome, but not my size
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Don't think much of the Polo Ralph Lauren croc loafers. l hate the tassle. The Lobb alligator shoes are gr8 m8.
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The RLPLs are great-looking, classic shoes. Not sure I could pull them off, but think they're awesome. I think they'll go for around $995. I'll bet 1K is the threshold of pain, not $1,500...
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I think the reason people have misconceptions about alligator shoes is because of companies like Stacy Adams, et al. They make hideously designed shoes, 99.9% of the time with faux alligator, in garish colors. The RLPL's that are being offered are about as "old school" as you can get. Very popular in the 1930s, they are the pinnacle of sophistication and style. As has been mentioned, on the 89 last, in an extremely balanced looking shoe. George Cleverly thought side elastic gore slip ons were the absolute most comfortable and well designed shoe ever created. In some cases EG will put little leather strips over the elastic, but they look just great they way they are. I plan on bidding on the 11s', and I hope I win them.
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