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I visited my tailor one day and was surprised to find him working on a Jos Bank suit with sleeves basted and separate buttons, plus a fairly nice Italian Super 110s fabric. It was marked as their super duper imperial presidential generalissimo line. Construction appeared to be fused, but I would rate the quality at roughly equivalent to Brooks, Abboud, or RL non-PL. Of course that's their best stuff. One other point of some interest: for guys with big shoulders and small waists, JosBank does some suit separates. Since fit trumps construction every time, it could certainly be argued that this is a legitimate solution fot buyers who can't afford MTM.
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They wouldn't have just pinned that sucker in the back to give it some shape for the catalog would they?
Catalogs do this ALL the time. It is really obvious for example at Banana Republic and JCrew. They have some thin model wearing a jacket looking very un-boxy and when you go and try the thing on you are disappointed to find that it's cut like a tent for a 250 pounder.
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