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Tip for shoeshine

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I'm about to get a shoeshine when I leave for lunch like in the next 10 min. How much is a good tip for the guy? $2?
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Do it yourself and treat yourself to a beer afterwards.
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22 views and no one knows? I'm too hungry to wait around for an answer.
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I tip $1.00, which is usually more than 20% (usual cost about $4 in New York ). I usually get a nice thank you and no bewildered look as to why I am cheap.
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Personally, I don't think those people I seen that gives shoe shines do anywhere near decent enough for me to pay them.  Many use some sort of spray, I am figuring it is some form of oil to give the shoe the appearance of a shine.  And when they do use wax polish, it is not even close to a protective coat.  All this makes the shine last for a whole of a week or less, bringing the payer back and wasting and wasting more money on a highly ineffective polish. Just my two cents.
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I agree, most of the sidewalk/airport shoe-shiners only do a mediocre job of shining your shoes. I think it's OK for a temporary shine, like if you were just going to a meeting that afternoon. Otherwise, I only trust myself to give my shoes an adequate shine. To answer the question, I think $1-2 for a tip is reasonable.
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Wow, the guy did an awesome job. I went to Jim's Shoe Repair on E 59th. He first thoroughly cleaned the shoes with some sort of cream, then a brush for all the holes, then he used normal kiwi wax and shined them at least 3-4 times over using a damp cloth, brush, another cloth, then used a different wax. I had a card for a free shine, but the normal price is $4. I tipped $2. I'd definitely recommend this place.
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I went to Jim's Shoe Repair on E 59th.
That's where I go too. Great place. Very close to Bergdorf.
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My shine guy in the store gets $4 for a shine, most give him a 5....not bad, he does about 35-45 shines a day, and one customer today gave him a Christmas gift/bonus, whatever of $500....nice huh?
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My shine guy in the store gets $4 for a shine, most give him a 5....not bad, he does about 35-45 shines a day, and one customer today gave him a Christmas gift/bonus, whatever of $500....nice huh?
Holy crap man, that's $50k/yr. What the hell am I doing?.
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Many use some sort of spray, I am figuring it is some form of oil to give the shoe the appearance of a shine.
I think that is just water. A good shine guy sprays it on at then end of the process. Combined with a little friction, it makes the wax super-shiny.
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At the state capitol building the shine is $7 and everyone gives a $5 tip. However, the shine guy at Nordstroms says that Nordstroms pays him a salary to keep the shine fee ($4) low, but he does expect a nice tip. Since I often wear boots, the shine guys don't want to do them. Especially, if they're alligator tail, ostrich leg, anteater, stingray, shark, elephant. So I just shine them before I wear them. They say it's good for the soul/sole.
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Well before finding this forum I had all my shoes sined by the local guy at Nordstroms. $2.50 a shine so I would give him $5 total.... As I started reading here, and paying more attention to his shine tactics, I realized he wasn't doing that great of a job. I found myself going home and touching up a large portion of my shoes... The final straw was when he polished my briefcase for $20. It looked horrible as if he took some one step cleaner/conditioner rubbed it all over (streaked,cloudy etc..)Didn't even take the time to do the trim inside. Needless to say I shine my own shoes now and find it much more rewarding. The funny thing is this guy was doing close to 30 pairs of my shoes on average once every 3 month's. I would drop them off 5 pairs at a time and have whatever I was wearing shined when we were at the mall. Plus my wife's shoes too, so it was a nice chunk of change. I haven't been in about 8 month's now but see the guy all the time. He actually thinks that he shined my shoes so good they have lasted that long LOL... I always smile, laugh a bit and tell him how I can't belive I paid him to do such a lousy job on my briefcase and was tempted to throw it out... He just laughs and tells whoever is in earshot that I am his best customer... Too funny... Getting back on topic a dollar tip is probably good unless they take extra time or care for you... But I would agree with the others try doing them yourself, you might be surprised at how easy/quick you can get the jo done...
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Funny story (not at the time)... I was consulting at a large city jail and saw a shoeshine stand staffed by the inmates, with the jail officers, police, and attorneys as customers. The price was minimal. I tried it, and the inmate tells me I can bring my shoes there, just drop them off, leave a dollar in them as a tip (which I'm sure wasn't part of the rules). As we talked and he shined, he also started massaging the toe of my shoe a little too "warmly" for my tastes so I thanked him and got the heck out of there.
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at Grand Central Terminal, they have a shoe shine area inside and the listed price is $3. They're a little weird about paying -- you give the money to the guy at the register instead of just to the guy who did your shoes. Anyway, I round up to $5 and give the change to the guy as a tip, figuring that's what the management intends by setting the price at $3. Saks also has a very good service to the right off the elevators on the men's floor. I've tried them twice, two different guys, and found them to be efficient and very capable. The best I've found so far in NYC, though, is a shoe repair shop on Lex, east side of the street, somewhere in the upper 70s or low 80s (can't remember exactly). I remember stopping twice on my walk home and admiring the high gloss shine. Naturally I scuffed the toe at the top of the subway stairs not an hour later. New York City is a brutal and unforgiving town, I tell ya.
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