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Ike Behar Dress Shirts

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What are people's opinions of Ike Behar dress shirts in terms of quality for the price.
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meh, there are better in the same price range.
I find them to be baggy, but I also find some of the fabrics nice.
Construction is good, but again, fit is King.
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Overpriced at retail. Huge in the waist - nice cloth. I thrifted a few and had my tailor take in the sleeves and sides and now they are quite nice but there are much better quality shirts at full retail ($165 last time I saw them in a store).
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There are lots of Ike Behar shirts on eBay for prices in the $35-$65 range. I have several, and, although they don't compare with Barba/Truzzi/Borrelli/Finamore, etc., they're quite nice for everyday work shirts (probably 100s cotton), and decent value for money at the eBay prices. Here's an eBay seller with lots of them for sale. This seller's prices tend to be at the upper end of the range I've noted, but I've seen lots of Ikes at the lower end too:
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Overpriced at full retail, but not bad at deep discount. Here in Chicago, I have been seeing a lot of them at Nordstrom's Rack and even TJ Max. I bought one for my brother for $35 (they did not have my size) in a rich steel blue. Another $15 to have the sides and sleaves tapered and he will have a pretty nice $50 shirt.
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not bad shirts but dont get one at full price.

it is not a slim cut; very blousey cut.
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I like them, but I like to pick them up at Sym's for $30-40.
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The most important thing to know about Behar is that there are several different lines. The cheapest, which appears in outlets like Saks as their regular stock, is made of quite crappy fabric, shoddy construction, and has some really awful looking buttons. If you inspect the shirt, it will have a tag indicating a retail price of around $60. Stay away from these.

However, Behar makes shirts for NM and the like of much higher quality, with infinitely nicer fabrics and MOP buttons. I agree these are overpriced at retail, but they can show up in outlets and Marshall's as well- you just have to know what to look for. The fit, however, is blouse-like.
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If you have a Last Call available in your area they can be found priced between 40 and 80 dollars. Combing that with sales of 20-40% they can be had at a very good deal. Also watch the collar sizing they seem to run a little large IMO.
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How do they compare with Robert Talbott?
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I like them, at least the ones made in canada. They're available at the Rack for about $25-65. I get them taken in though because as others have said they are very wide.
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I picked up a few on sale at NM Last call for around $30. IB has at least two levels of quality -- the higher-end ones have split and mitered yokes with better overall construction and materials. The one I bought fit me pretty well for an OTR shirt. As others have mentioned they are decent quality OTR shirts for $30.

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Originally Posted by KObalto View Post
I like them, but I like to pick them up at Sym's for $30-40.

+1 Exactly what I do.

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not just the waist but the sleeves are wide as well. The fabric is quite decent but if you are somewhat skinny, then the fit sucks.
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I bought a few in last call for $30 the are the gold label which has better fabrics and MOP buttons.
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