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Check this out:


Select pants for the better-dressed douche.
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"At Bonobos, we don't believe that you enjoy shopping."

"We think men should not wear tapered trousers in any situation."

Different does not mean Douche. Though they certainly aren't catering to the SF crowd, they look more interesting than a pair of Banana Republic chinos. Except that the flare looks a bit...not to my taste.

Their limited edition system is presented a bit ridiculously, as well as their having only one "perfect" cut.
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Originally Posted by Willsw View Post
Different does not mean Douche.

Agreed. Bonobo means Douche:


"True story? It's hard to second guess Caperton. He gathers credibility with a dignified accent, like a Brit working on US soil. Instead of West End/Oxbridge London, he spews an impeccably hewn Kentucky gentry meets Boston Brahmin with a glaze of Vanderbilt Sigma Nu. He wandered a barnyard as a toddler in winter and sailed the Penobscot Bay and Walker Pond in Maine in summer. He is well read, articulate, and bespoke. An American original. The world needs more of you, Cape, and they certainly need more of your trousers. We’re here to help."
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Um ... so they just bootcut everything?
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Originally Posted by letmebefell View Post
Bonobo means Douche:

That's informative. Up until this very evening, I thought it meant a sort of chimpanzee, rather gentler and more pacific than the nominate species.
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That's actually the one description I read. They should hire the guys at J. Peterman to help them out. More clever and concise, less long-winded and pedantic.
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Originally Posted by JLibourel View Post
That's informative. Up until this very evening, I thought it meant a sort of chimpanzee, rather gentler and more pacific than the nominate species.

Also notoriously sexually active; I wonder if this is part of their marketing scheme.
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Originally Posted by polar-lemon View Post
Also notoriously sexually active...

And possessing the largest testicles of all of the primates.

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Bonobos also engage in a lot of lesbian sex, seeminly as a bonding activity. I don't find it hot, though. Well, not that hot.
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I just stumbled upon this website.

I particularly love: "Bonobos are not available in retail stores. We offer awesome fitting pants in colorful styles without a pricey retail markup."

So I click on one of their pants to see how much douchbaggery will set me back - $190!

Definitely no retail markup there.

Such d-bags.
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Yea, actually I read that they were inexpensive pants either and I wondered compared to WHAT? I did, however, like the pants made from alpaca although I'm NOT willing to pay $300 for pants, especially if I can't try them on and they look as though they are bootcut . What is the deal with the bootcut obsession, I just don't get it. Anyone know of anyone else who makes chinos from alpaca?
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I dig the fit - until you hit the calf. Too bad.
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I love how up their own asses they are.
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To view our retarded styles, check the "retarded styles" section.
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The Bonobos ad keeps popping up when I'm on Facebook. I was trying to figure out what the big deal was about the pants.
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