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How To Wear Tie Bars/Clips with Skinny Ties? - Page 2

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I wear one with my narrow BF ties, but not with wider ties.
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I can't wear a tie without a tie clip, it drives me nuts. While I like the look, the main reason is practicality. I cannot stand having (another) thing flapping around in front of me. I clip it just above the jacket's buttoning point at an angle. It's in all the WAYWTs. Clipping it higher than that won't help it stay anchored, it just gives the tie a bit of arc, but you can still achieve that with a lower clip.
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I agree with the functionality of the clip. My clip starts out horizontally but by the end of the day it's slanted. It's nice not having the tie flapping around in front of me.
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Maybe I'm the only one who doesn't wear a clip. If I'm wearing high-waisted trousers, I just tuck my tie into my waist band. If I'm wearing normal trousers, I don't mind my tie swaying. I don't use the keeper either. Call me crazy.
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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post
I'm starting to think that a small discreet tie-pin could look nice.

Particularly if Freddy Mays gives it to you.
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As for placement, depends on the gorge of the suit.It should be just a bit visible, about an inch or two above the gorge.
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hello, first post! trying to revive this thread. I have a questions, I have a wedding in september and my sister suggested I wear a black skinny tie with my charcoal suit, I am 5'9 and about 130lbs(wet) so I am fairly skinny so they say that would probably be a good look for me. I got a black silk skinny tie 1.5 inches, I also got a suggestion about a tie clip, I am not a fan of gold color on my cufflings so I would rather go with silver or brushed metal, what should the length of the tie clip be? I am not sure if the tie clip is supposed to cover all the length of the skinny tie of just a part.





this article suggests that the tie bar or tie clip should be around 1" or at least gives a link to one.




any advice?

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