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Do it yourself waxed suede?

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Anybody know how to wax suede? The one thread on this wasn't all that helpful. I have a cheap pair of suede boots I want to make more interesting. Before I ruin them, though, I was wondering if anyone's tried this before.

Perhaps it's as simple as applying polish to the suede and burnishing them to the desired effect. I was thinking of doing this, but decided not to go all in before I sought a second opinion.
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The knap texture of the suede is the best part... I can't quite picture what it would look like, but I'd try a beeswax based product like Sno Seal or Bear Guard for the desired effect over a cream polish. You would have the added benefit of prolonging the life of the boot and effectively waterproofing it.
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I was thinking it would look something like this;

Which isn't a terrible look.
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I like the look, like they just came out of a rainstorm. Whatever you end up using I would think starting with a thin layer at a time, and build it up to the desired effect. Hopefully doing so would create a nice balance between waxed look and still not having enough gunk to avoid matting down the knap entirely. The mixing of the sniny smooth, wax effect with the opaque, haired suede seems like a great texture mix. I'm actually starting to get inspired to do this do my desert boots... hmmm
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That's exactly what I had in mind! i have a cheap pair of all black suede clarks that I got for $30. It was an impulse buy, and black suede doesn't really mix well with the rest of my outfits, but if I can achieve that effect they'll be pretty nice...
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If you get on it before I do, keep this thread updated. I'm gonna give this a serious shot in about two weeks from now when my time frees up. I'm lovin the idea...
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Bump because I really want to try this with my cheap-y BR Desert Boots. Anyone else done DIY waxed/oiled suede? Please tell/ reccomend some tips to me.
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i'm about to "dub" my ww2 repro roughout boots...you might find this site useful...

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Linseed oil is also used for waxing. My suggestion is that you go to a craft store and buy a piece of suede and try things that before you potentially ruin a wearable pair of shoes.
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Did anybody try this yet? I've got a pair of Aldens coming that I might like to do this on.
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I'm pretty happy with the result on the BR boots but I purposefully wanted them to be kind of beat up/distressed looking. I'll post a pic tomorrow.
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Great, thanks
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bump--i have a cheap pair of BR chukkas that i want to try this on.
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I just applied some beeswax-based waterproofer to my bargain bin desert boots (black suede). I applied heavy enought to take away some of the nap, but didn't grease them in it. Let them dry, then took a light shoe brush to restore the nap a little bit haphazardly. Wore them around a handful of times and now they're looking good already. I actually am getting some use out of them again, great effect! I think it would look better on dark colors, light colors like sand suede is too pronounced and would probably take away from the subtlety this effect adds to the texture of the shoe.
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