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Originally Posted by Bob01 View Post
Hey All,

Just curious if anyone out there has any experiences/recommendations they can share for Fabric Market in Shanghai (the one near the Bund)?

Im due to pickup a suit and some shirts there this Sunday or Monday (was measured last week when I placed the order). I ordered my suit from Stall number 163 and the shirts from 378. I just picked these places based on how many people they had crammed in there are the time...I know...not really a good way to find the better tailor....

When I pick up these items, I was thinking of perhaps trying other stalls and ordering some more pieces (suits & shirts). However I do not really have any idea on on which stalls to go to. Can anyone out there share their experiences of particular stalls they have done business with- Good & Bad?

Yes I know, if I want a well made suit without the fuss of looking around, I should just go to Chans or Daves, but Im on somewhat of a budget and thought I should stock up on some "decent"/well fitting suits before going back to real work (currently an english teacher, previous life an I.T. Manager)

Provided I get a few recommendations and budget/time permitting I may actually order a suit or shirt (whichever the stall is known for) from each location - and make a post with pictures of each piece with locations of tailors for future reference (and for me to decide which tailor I should just go to for the remaining suits/shirts I want made )

Also thinking I might have a tailored leather jacket made while over here - any recommendations/suggestions on that?

for those bored and want to know the details of what I ordered:
Dark Navy blue pinstripe - supposedly Super 150. Requested functional buttons, 2 vent, 2 button, requested bone buttons (we'll see...) - 650rmb/93 bucks (think I might have gotten slightly ripped off, since I've heard 550rmb is the norm)
Shirts: Supposedly 100% cotton, felt like it I guess, but Im a bad judge at feeling textures. one blue the other white. Both Shadow Striped/Tone-on-Tone (yeah not feeling they will go well with the suit I ordered...) No pleats, Point Collar 140rmb/20 bucks each

Thanks in Advance!,


for the shirts u can get 80rmb/shirt and suit 400rmb/ suit but they suck really i bought shirts and suits there 2 years ago, at beginning i was very excited but once u get the products it was a big "deception" craftmanship, cutting, quality suck, i realized how stupid i was to think that we can get MTM shirt for 80rmb and u can't give them to anybody else because it s customade!
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Anyone have any updated recommendations? Looking for a mid-range price, ideally under 3k RMB per suit.
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not at the fabric market my learned friend. and not at that price. forum's a plenty of shanghai stuff btw. sanford-shanghai to name one.
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Originally Posted by khaki sack View Post
In the Shanghai fabric market ,can you find the fetuses ,for eating?

Stall# 153: suits
Stall# 186: shirts
Stall# 444: fetuses
Stall# 421: novelty cuff links
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