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Neckties...Tide Shifting to Prints?

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I remember a thread a while ago discussing whether print neckties were better than woven ones.  I recall the consensus being that there is room for both, and neither will ever entirely go away. Although wovens seem to have been in favor for the last 5 years or so, at my (admittedly discount) tie haunts, I see a larger percentage of prints recently.  Has anyone else noticed this, or am I just imagining things? Bic
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I'd reach the exact opposite conclusion here. If you're shopping at discount places like Marshall's or Century 21, you are seeing what other customers did not buy. So, if Marshall's has thousands of print ties, it's because wovens are being bought at full retail. Correct me if I'm wrong, guys (EDIT) and gals.
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No, Bic's completely right. More of the ties being sold at Barneys or being offered by certain designers are print. One may think of Prada's success with their Holliday & Brown "re-edits", swiftly copied by other makers. Actually, IMMSMC the ties at Marshalls (the crap City of London ties, the Geoffrey Beene ties et al) are moving more to wovens as mass-market makers have been copying what was fashionable two to five years ago. I personally like wovens a bit better but have lots of prints in reserve for the fateful day...
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