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The lapel is the whole part below the gorge, all the way to the bottom of the front of the coat. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just the part with the one buttonhole that rolls/folds over, but all the way down the inside front. BTW, that under-collar fabric is called 'melton'.
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Thanks for clearing that up J. I feel alot less stupid now Now that that is cleared up, in reference to first question, what is the point of having the botton on the back of the collar/lapel if the melton/felt is under the collar? Like I said I own a corduroy two button I've considers buttoning up, but the melton/felt makes it look pretty bad, seems like the melton defeats the purpose of the button. Eric
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Jackets that do up all the way are not gone completely though. Keep in mind, you can get the little button flap on the collar. Here is one of my hacking jackets, where, you will notice, they make the fabric underneath the collar the same as the jacket.
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It doesn't look 'bad', that's just the way it looks. You're not supposed to go around at a garden party with it done up like that - it's for harsh weather where you have given up caring how you look. If you really hate the melton color on an especially favorite jacket, you could consider having it replaced with a better color, or if you plan to wear a jacket with the collar up all the time, you could possibly have it recut and faced in the suit's fabric or a complementary fabric (or leather maybe?) to accomodate that. The facing (outer when flipped down) fabric on the collar would have to be cut shorter, and the melton or new under-collar facing fabric left a little longer. Normally, they are vice versa so that the collar will lay flat w/o bunching. Edit: and, what zjpj said.
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Thanks for clearing that up for me fellas'. Learn something new everyday right? By the way, zjpj83, thats a very nice jacket you got there. I like. Eric
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