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Getting rid of TV altogether?

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How many of you have completely unplugged from TV? If so, how has your life benefited? Are there any drawbacks? When I move up north somewhere next year for my MBA, I'm seriously considering not having a TV in my apartment.

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Did so for a number of months and did not miss it. Highly recommended, and in fact every once in a while I consider dropping the TV once again (Mrs. T broke ranks on me). Although, my TV tolerance is still fairly low and I think nothing of getting up mid-program to go outside.
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My bedroom is unplugged from TV since it's the only place I get any reading done, but I've got one for my living room
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Do you mean no cable or literally no television? I've done both from time to time (one can always watch movies on a computer, I suppose, so I guess that doesn't 100% count). It won't kill you. But I like some TV shows. Perhaps when we move that can be reassessed.
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I've had no tv for two years now.
I don't miss it at all. Its possible to download or watch tv programs online and of course watch DVDs on a pc. I find the internet, books and the radio plenty enough entertainment at home.

I don't find any real benefits - I waste time online rather than filling the tv hole with anything creative.
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Who has time for TV with Styleforum to occupy all available time...
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I like specifically sought entertainment. TV is too controlling. Can't tell me what to watch.
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I have gone without TV but I noticed the internet usage goes up so I can't say I am really getting anything more productive done.

The DVR was probably the best purchase overall. I used to just have the tv on all the time and would find myself watching a movie I have seen 5 times already or reruns of an old show that I didn't really care for the first time. I would just watch it because it was on I guess (after flipping through the channels constantly).

DVR = now I only watch the shows I really like. It is weird, I am following more shows (episode to episode) than ever, but I spend much less overall time watching tv (also get to skip the commercials). Pretty cool.
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I find a nice balance is to keep the tv, but get rid of cable. I watch some tv shows (on DVD) while eating, and the occasional movie, but getting rid of cable prevents the mindless wandering through channels and hours of time wasted watching nothing. You end up being deliberate in what you watch as opposed to indiscriminate.
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I haven't watched television in probably 10 years (I'm 28). Best decision I made. Frankly, it's an input with little or no output.

As for benefits, you'd be surprised how much of a time sink it is. I now have more time to read, party, get laid, etc. I've found I'm also more creative.
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I'm living on Netflix. I turn on the tv if the tornado sirens go off.
I had cable for two weeks and told 'em to shut that shit off.
xm for radio.
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I gave up watching TV almost 6 years ago and I don't really miss it. I might catch an NFL game, or college basketball or football game from time to time, but other than that, my TV is always off. It got to the point with my work schedule and other activities where I couldn't justify spending all that money on cable for something I wasn't going to have time to watch.
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The internet is 10x worse than television
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I'm guessing none of you like sports?
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Originally Posted by Brian278 View Post
I'm guessing none of you like sports?

I love sports. I guess that would be my only drawback to not having cable, I do miss having ESPN. But, during football and basketball season I am able to watch a few games on the broadcast networks.
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