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eBay fake or not?

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As a newbie I've got plenty of questions and have read many, many posts to the point where information overload has set in. I'm trying to learn about the various designers, the various lines, where to start, where to look, what to spend... it's endless. So, to finally get to the point of my post - I was looking at the following auction and wondering what others think of the jacket? These aren't good pics since the jacket isn't even sitting straight on the hanger and a mannequin hasn't been used. I noticed the following: - the handkerchief pocket doesn't look straight but that may be due to the angle the hanger is at - there seems to be an inordinate amount of puckering of material where the liner has been joined to the jacket in the bottom pic - haven't seen this seller's name mentioned in the eBay thread that's pinned Any comments on is it a fake, price, look etc? Thanks in advance
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Welcome. Regardless of its authenticity you shall be steered away from Zegna's "Soft" line.
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I am not a tailored clothing guy, but I know enough to tell you that the breast pocket is set at an angle and it is intentional. I'm sure you can get any number of the suit guys to wax poetic on the reasoning and history thereof, suffice to say it adds a graceful, balanced look, sweeping away from the lapel as it were. As far as the Zegna Soft line, I think you will get a near unanimous consensus that it is not a particularly well made suit in general, with very little (if any) hand work, and probably fully fused.
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