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I have had no problems with Paypal, aside from ridiculous fees whenever you accept payments (credit card) I like it as a buyer, because it's easy, but wouldn't want to use it as a seller.
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I used a premier account with PayPal, and as you've said, their policies are just hard-line to the point of absurdity. When that buyer filed his chargeback, they made it basically clear that they didn't care at all what I did; they would take my money. Tracking numbers, insurance claim numbers, scanned receipts, forwarded official correspondance from both post offices involved... and yet they still had the gall to say I hadn't shipped the guy his item. I mean, I understand the intent of buyer protection, but the playing field is ridiculously skewed and PayPal takes no accountability for their actions. Again, I don't deal in the same volume that you do, so I don't really see any compelling reason to use its service.
Sounds like it was shipped to an unconfirmed address?? That leaves you with very little recourse.
Yeah I mean I'm not sure what their deal is, but even then that hardly justifies my money being stolen because some asshole thinks he can get away with defrauding me. That's the exact problem with PayPal, unless their ABSURD conditions are met, they think it's legally ok to screw people. All I have to say is PayPal is absolute SCUM. I hope they go out of business and burn in hell.
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Well, it works like this - the seller used a credit card to pay for the item. Paypal charges the card, and then forwards the funds, minus a fee, to you. When the buyer fraudulently charged back the card, his cc company took the money back from paypal, instead of directly from you, as would have happened if you were a merchant taking credit cards directly. That leaves paypal out $300. If you had sent it to a confirmed address, which in paypal's mind greatly reduces the chance of fraud, then there is some protection available for you. But with unconfirmed addresses, they get the $300 back from you, again, as would happen if you had a your own credit card service. Unconfirmed addresses are a risk - there is no protection available in the case of fraudulent chargebacks. It's a risk one takes when accepting credit card payments...
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yeah, but for us buyers paypal is a dream. how else can we pay quickly to ensure our items are shipped the next day-- not to mention that bidpay only allows purchases of up to about $500, so you can't buy a suit from Ian Daniels, that is for sure. here are the pix of the flusser jacket, 40r. Looks really interesting to me, if only for a study in construction-- http://www.onstyle.com/acstuff/fluss1a.jpg http://www.onstyle.com/acstuff/fluss1.jpg
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I agree wholeheartly about PayPal and their lack of customer service and arrogance in general.Two years ago,I had some attempted fraud against my account and PayPal was notmy "pal" when it came to resolving this.I eventually set up a dispute with my CC company,and vowed never to use PayPal again.
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I've bought from kellyb. For a very long time, I didn't buy anything b/c of the lack of paypal. I just had my first purchase from her though in the last month. It was a pain to write a check and mail it, etc., but I got a good deal. In the end, you can get very good deals from Kellyb at least in part b/c she doesn't accept paypal, so fewer people bid on her items. Speaking of her items, she nearly always has high-end stuff.
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My first eBay purchase was from this seller.  She is very reliable and accepts personal checks, so unless you need to have an item right away, the lack of PayPal should not be an issue.  Plus, her items generally sell at a lower price point than comparable sellers, perfect for budget-conscious buyers like me.
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My company accepts paypal to the tune of several million per month, we haven't really had any issues resolving fraud complaints to our satisfaction but that could have something to do with our volume as well.
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