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Tanner Krolle

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Are Tanner Krolle still trading? Their Burlington Gardens shop was unusually shut the Saturday before last and now their website is no longer working.
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Tanner Krolle have shut their Burlington Gardens shop and have stopped doing handbags etc. They are going back to their luggage roots and now work out of somewhere on Berkley Square. Their website is still not working.

Speaking to an ex-employee it seems that for women it never had the "name" and though WAGs would go in and admire the merchandise they would buy their bags from Gucci, LV or whichever was this weeks hot bag. Men are less fickle.
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Tanner Krolle is much smaller than either of the companies you mention. They do however do nearly all their work "in house" so in that sense are more similar to LV. I would say in terms of profile it is similar to Globetrotter or Bill Amberg though their products are very different. They have now moved to Sheperd Market (originally the red light district of Mayfair and perhaps it still is but I would not know).
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It is certainly a status brand but not one that every man or woman on the street would know.
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You are joking of course. A brand is a brand there is no before or after. You cannot compare apples and oranges
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Does anyone know if Tanner Krolle is still in business?  Their website is down except for an email link, which doesn't work.  The telephone number on Google is also broken.  


I've purchased an old TK attaché case, but it's missing its keys.  I'm hoping that they're still in business and will be able to provide replacements.

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We tried contacting them last weekend but had no success so I think they may have ceased trading, whether this is a temporary event like Bill Amberg's was or permanent I would like to know.
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You might try RBJ (or RJ)?)Simpson (http://www.simpson-london.com/news/). They were founded after Tanner Krolle was bought by Chanel. Simpson was founded by a family member from the Tanner Krolle folks. Likely has some of the old T K craftspeople.

From reading Permanent Style, it seems that perhaps they are now making the Tanner Krolle leather goods? (T K was sold by Chanel to a PE firm. Not at all clear that T K has any production facilities themselves.)

If they are able to service the old Tanner Krolle leather goods, they may be able to find or otherwise fashion a key for your locks.

You can go the the Permanent Style website to read about T K and Simpson.

Let us know what you learn.
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Thanks for the tip.  I sent an email to Simpson and will let you know if I hear anything (or find another source for a key).

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