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Wedding attire

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I was thinking of a white tie, white shirt, black suit combo. Would something like that look sharp or just go for a black tie instead of the white? The shirt will be sea island quality if that matters.... Also, I was thinking of throwing in some color with a pocket square, perhaps a red one. I would like suggestion on what would look nice.... Please post your recommended combos. What color suit, tie, shirt, pocket square, etc.... I want to look sharp but not be too eye catching, after all I am not the one to be married. Thanks
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When, what time and where is the wedding? It's tough to give you a decent answer without these details. Thanks, Bradford
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Wedding is in early fall and hosted in a dining hall.....
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Hitman - My only concern would be with the white tie. If the groom and his groomsmen are wearing tuxedos, it is quite common for the groom to be distinguished from the others by wearing a white (bow) tie himself while the others wear black. If that happens to be the case in this wedding, it's possible that your white tie might be perceived as an attempt to upstage the groom. It's kind of the same reason why women don't wear white to weddings, they leave that color for the bride. I might suggest wearing a beautiful, shiny, silver tie with the white shirt and black suit combo. Pair it with a crisp white pocket square and you'd look great. Bradford
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Woops - Deleted duplicate post. Bradford
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 I might suggest wearing a beautiful, shiny, silver tie with the white shirt and black suit combo.
Yes, the white tie is perhaps not the correct one. How about black/white tie with diamond or shepard's check ? B
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The black suit, white shirt, silver tie combo is what I wore to a wedding where the groom wore a white tie and the groomsmen wore black ties just a few months ago... I felt it worked very well (would have worked even better if I could have managed not to spill something on the tie).
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I recently attended a wedding and had the black suit, white shirt, black tie, maroon pocket square idea in mind. I eventually went with a white cotton handkerchief. I'll be attending a wedding in mid-september and and i'm going to go for a medium gray suit, white shirt, and lavender tie, just because. As I'm not in the wedding party, I feel free to wear whatever I want. Since your wedding is in the early fall, why not go gray? Gray with a silver tie looks very elegant.
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