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Height and depth of interior jacket pocket

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I've been wondering about this for a while, and now I'm wondering enough to want to discuss it. The first time I had a suit made on Savile Row, it came back with the interior jacket pocket very high--it felt a little uncomfortable, even. It was explained to me that that way, anything you put in there would expand your chest, rather than your waist. The tailor was right: it made perfect sense, and looked good. Eventually I got used to the feel. I just had a suit made by Hemrajani, as discussed elsewhere--er, here --and a notable feature is how low the pocket is. At least, it's normal height in terms of where it starts, but it's so deep that my Palm, checkbook, or whatever comes below the waist of the trousers. And it's driving me nuts. Perhaps others could comment on this--what's usual, what's the history, what you prefer. In the fitting I will ask for the pocket to be at least made less deep, and if possible to be raised as well.
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The problem with really deep pockets is that it can be hard to fish things out of there. Personally, I don't like super-high pockets. I don't want to feel things (wallet, cell phone) against my chest, and I don't want to see the outline of anything through the suit cloth. I find that pockets that are slightly lower hide things in the hollow under the chest, and preserve the outline and drape of the suit.
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On the left side I have one high and one low, on the right just one high. the low one is below the waist, the high one is about nipple hieght. I like the idea of getting one even high, though. that makes sense.
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It seems to me that this wouldn't be the most difficult alteration in the world--shortening a pocket. But I'm hardly the one to know.
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