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Vintage YSL balzer from Resurrection

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I strongly recommend Resurrection, a vintage store in New York.  Although it's mostly a women store, it does have some men's items.  I bought a vintage YSL blazer on Monday, and I like it so much.  I paid only about 140 dollars for this blazer.  I don't know how old it is exactly, but it should be at least 25-30 years old judging for the cutting and style.  After all that's just my guess since I don't really have much knowlege about fashion of 30 years ago in either Europe or the US.  What really matters is that it fits me so perfectly and I really love those vintage-looking YSL logo embossed buttons.  To me, this is really a gem. There was also a small-sized pale-green Fendi short-sleeved sweater when I was there.  The chest is covered by Fendi logo.  It looks very nice too.  But there are just too many fake Fendi stuff all around, I just worry that everybody will think it's fake when an un-richman-looking young man like me wears it, so I didn't buy it.   The other item I like a lot is a Pierre Cardin wool suits.  I can't remember exactly what's the pattern, but it should be some sort of brown-beige stripes.  Unfortunately it doesn't fit me.   I don't know much about the vintage market of NYC, maybe there are some even much better vintage stores around the town, but to me this is a quite decent one.  I will defintely visit it again the next time when I go to NYC for vacation.
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Damn, I got a vintage YSL blazer for $3.00 at a thrift shop down here that fits me perfect. Eric
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I have no clue as to weather or not mine is couture or licensed.  But I honestly don't care, it fits very well and looks great with a peach colored dress shirt I have, and a pair of Elvis style sunglasses with peach lens'. Eric
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