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I love the front of the fit of the coat. The sleeves need a bit of work and are pitched forth a bit too much, it seems to me. Couldn't get back pics. to load.
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Hi, sorry I missed the revival of my thread. Two of you spoke of the electric-blue-ness of the suit. I assure you, my suit was not electric blue, and neither was my tie white. It is a navy suit with a royal blue windowpane, shot under fluorescent lighting with a cheap camera. I'm very pleased with the trouser length. Since these photos, I had some additional tweaking done, and I remain quite happy with the suit. As for how things went with Chan--well, there's a big-ass thread about it somewhere right over there --> .
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Would be interesting to see pictures of the "tweaked" version of the suit. The original suit looked very good, in my opinion (except for the back issue). I am still trying to understand why people in this forumm generally preffer to I have had shirts made by both. I must say that both are good, although fabrics are a tid better in (when considering the same price range, has more fabrics, but the 100's and 120's are more expensive). I would say WWChan has better taste for his fabric selection (conservative at least). On construction, the one I received from MyTailor was slightly better, but just slightly. Both fitted well, WWChan was slightly better fit, I think. Vivian in told me: "We usually custom tailor half-canvased suits, however, we can do fully canvassed or which ever you prefer for you custom tailored hand made suit." I am guessing WWChan suits are fully canvased by default??? It is difficult to compare price. But I have seen anywhere from $700 to $1000 quoted on this forum for both tailor companies. Some other topics I have seen about WWChan: Describes WWChan meassurement process. Chan Suits Only two topics I have seen about MyTailor: This one - the one you are reading. Mixed Reviews about MyTailor.
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