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Help for a thesis

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Hi there, i'm Gianpiero, an italian guy working on a final thesis for my bachelor degree on some italian fashion firms selling in the US. What i need is to find out a list of US shops selling some firms in the United States. Could You please help me posting the shops You know where i can find these firms in the US? Tnx in advance. The brands are: Brioni Kiton Isaia Malo Brunello Cucinello Luciano Barbera Annapurna/Aida-Barni Avon Celli Incotex Drumohr Ballantyne Fay Aspesi Zegna Cruciani Please, post here the shops in your city where i can find these brands, specifing the name of the shop, city, address, and brands sold. Thanks a lot. Gianpiero.
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Kiton, Brioni, and Zegna at Boyds Isaia, Incotex, and Luciano Barbara at Wayne Edwards (Philadelphia)
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I second that. Also, does that mean you want the names of companies that use these manufacturers, but sell them under their own name? An example would be Isaia, for Brooks Brothers. No Isaia tag, but they still make those suits.
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Are you looking to prepare a complete, definitive list? Or just a sample, representative list (that doesn't cover every retailer -- just a sample)? If you're looking for the former, then I think you're effort here will be hopelessly futile. Your best bet, as has already been stated, is to contact each company directly (many or all of which have a US-based rep I'm sure, so you don't have to call Italy). Now that I think about it, another excellent starting point would be Steve Brinkman's book, available here: The book lists the best men's clothing stores and describes what makers are available at each (along with other info). This might be all you need.
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I tried companies but they do not know the shops, they told me to contact theyr US agents, i did but they didn't reply me i thought about the book, but i do not need a complete list, i'd just need the best stores in the biggest cities...i'd need a list of more or less 100 stores....if u know any help me plz...just the one you know tnx for the moment for the help you are giving to me. bye
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If all you need is the best stores in the biggest cities, then Steve's book should be perfect. Good luck with your thesis....
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Well, i don't really need the best stores, i only need the stores where i can find those brands.... And i'm from Italy, so it would take really long to get the book in my hands.... tnx anyway to everyone who's gonna help me. Bye
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