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Helmut Lang

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In my opinion, Helmut Lang seems to release collections that are terrible or fantastic. The fall season looks great, I'm really digging the modern style suiting as of late. Anybody have experience with Helmut Lang goods? I would like to know the fitting. Is it unwearable for the common man as dior homme, or is it accessable for people in reasonable shape? I am considering hitting the gym to try on his stuff, but if the silouette is too sharp, forget it.
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It's not as extreme as Dior Homme. If you're in pretty good shape, with a 7-inch drop and non-tree-trunk legs, you'll be fine. (edited for clarity)
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i agree not as extremely thin as dior homme but if you have a tall, thin but muscled build, you should fit into it well i find helmut lang and jil sander items fit the same, snug but not binding
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Helmut Lang and Jil Sander both have been recently making suits with excellent tailoring standards (fully canvassed, with some visible handwork, pick-stitching). The fit is slim, but not tight. Of the two, Jil Sander has a more aggressive cut, but not by much. Depending on other details present, they could pass as business suits. I have tried on several Helmut Lang suits and I think they are really amazing, I am just hoping for a good deal to come along. This is seeming increasingly impossible without a Filene's.
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I only own a few HL garments (a sweater, t-shirt and two pairs of jeans), but IMO their stuff is very wearable sizewise...stylewise, it's hit or miss. Fits on the slim side, but not so slim you'd have to up the size to make it fit. I'm a real fan of HL, the conservative pieces anyway. Modern and minimalist, and no visible logo's .
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i find helmut lang and jil sander items fit the same, snug but not binding
Both are quite wearable. However, the cuts are different. If you are skinnier, with narrower shoulder to waist ratio, Jill is better for you. If you have more of a V shape, HL is a better bet. Great suiting. One of my favorites.
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