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I've seen it mentioned that the Belgian designers like Dries van Noten are an expression of deconstructionism. While I don't know enough about Dries clothing to form an opinion on that particular designer I have seen clothing design elements which I think can fairly be characterized that way, e.g., exposed seams , asymmetry etc. Likewise, some designers seem more proletariat.

I'd be interested to know what other philosophies and thought processes underpin the various designers out there, and how is that philosophy expressed. Any thoughts out there on some of the Italian more fashiony brands like Marni, or the Japanese designers?

Also, any idea whether the designers are actually directly influenced by such philosophies, or are they just creating things they think look cool and leave it to others to intellectualize about such.

Lastly, are the consumers buying it because of the philosophies, or again are they just buying it because it looks cool