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Quality Jeans

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I am looking for some quality, yet relatively fashionable, jeans, but I have read in previous posts about the declining quality of denim used in PDC jeans. So, what brand makes quality jeans, especially in the price range of Diesel and PDC, or what jeans have the best bang for the buck? And, where should one typically look for the jeans to avoid paying retail? Thanks in advance.
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I've had good experience with Zegna (really good quality thick denim) and although other members may not like to hear this, Hugo Boss (especially the Alabama cut) have served me well.
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I'll second the recommendation on Hugo. Excellent jeans. As far as style and fit goes, I don't think anyone holds a candle to Diesel. I Jeans have served me really well. I, personally, am NOT a fan of PDC. Where you can get jeans depends on where you live. Marshall's, TJ Maxx, etc. are all over. If you are in NY, Century 21 always has lots. Check out Filene's Basement as well. If buying something like Diesel, I would steer clear of Ebay, as it is rife with knockoffs. Dan
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Personally I've had good luck with PDCs, even the newer ones that I've bought. My usual jeans which I wear about 4-5 times a week, are a rotation of four PDC GTOs in diff washes, and they've lasted about a year w/o issues. I bought a new pair about 6 mo ago and they look more or less the same as when I got them. Sevens are pretty durable as well, I have a couple in the dark NYC wash that I wear about once a week and they look new.
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I once had the pleasure of buying a new pair of rogans for 50 bucks on ebay two years ago. I doubt you may reach that pricepoint because of its growing recognition, but if you can get it for under $80 , that would be my first pick. Levi's Vintage is also really good as well, you could find a pair on ebay in the range of $50-100 if you look well enough. I purchased this model on ebay for about $60 A lot of people here hype up PDC, and they are good jeans, however, i dont believe you should pay any more than $40. I own all three of these brands but the PDC are my least favorite. Its all a matter of taste. I happend to not like bootcut jeans, and thats all PDC seems to be into at the moment. I have not tried on any Helmut Lang Jeans, however they look fantastic. I would check those out as well
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Paper Denims are still a good choice and my go-to jeans, for what it's worth, and my almost two years old pairs are holding up fine. For alternatives, try Earnest Sewn, Loomstate, Helmut Lang and Nudie.
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Edwin makes nice jeans. Some of the jeans are almost exact reproductions of Levis 501 from the 30-50s in terms of quality: Selvage, sailcloth pockets, etc. before Levis went downhill.
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Nudie jeans are good. They last a long time because they are a nice heavy denim. I have also had good luck with PDC. I've had 2 pairs for over a year with out any problems. I just bought a pair of JP Da'mage jeans as well that seem to be a pretty decent quality, not sure how they will last in the long run but i really like the fit and the wash.
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Anyone have a retail source for Nudie Jeans in the mid atlantic US (Did I already ask this? deja vu)? Or online, I spose... These look pretty great, and I'd like to check em out in person. Unfortunately, I live in Maryland, where boutique denim seems hard to come by unless I want to trek up to NYC. Forgive me if this is asked and answered, I couldn't find it. I guess I'm closer than folks in Idaho.  
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Despite the problems with their declining quality, I still prefer Paper denim jeans. Nudie and Edwin are both also good choices, and you can't miss with the Helmut Lang bootcut (really a straightleg) or and unwashed pair of Anglaise cut APCs. Carpe Denim is another good, solid choice. I like the styling of Rogan, but even at $100 (aover 60% discount), not worth the price. They fall apart like nobody's business. G Star actually seem to be making reasonable jeans this year, although their dropped crotch jeans and logoed clothing are really stupid looking.
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This may not be popular on this board, but since I have been buying jeans since 1984, and at least 30 brands, I can honestly say in my experience that Versace Jeans Couture jeans are irrefutably the best IMO (despite some negativity shown by others in the past on this board toward Ittierre). Quality of cotton is second to none. Cut and styling is impecccable. To me, nobody makes a straight cut like Versace for us lean bean types. Quality of stitching and dyeing is exceptional - I still have my first pair bought in 1986 after saving up in my first year of uni. Still in perfect condition and like new despite wearing them continuously for at least 6 years. I also love the fact that they not only come in 100% cottons, but various mixes of stretch, viscose, polyethylene, and other materials.
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I have been looking at purchasing a pair of PDC's. I currently have three pairs of Seven Relaxed Fit and I am very pleased with the fit. Does anyone know which PDC cut is comparable to the Seven Relaxed Fit cut?
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The LTD is Paper Denim's relaxed cut, and it's also the basis for the ICN (slash front pockets, squared back pockets) and LIT ("military" style) jeans. Unlike the Seven relaxed jeans, these are all a fairly loose bootcut.
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What is the difference between the fit of the LTD and GTO?
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GTO is more of a bootcut straight leg jean. It's a bit more fitted through the leg and thigh area, in my experience, it's also reasonably low rise.
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