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email from Jantzen

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Finally got an email from Ricky of Jantzen Tailors. I had placed an order in July and accompanied it with an email, then followed up in Sept to check on the progress, and another email just last week. I got the following response tonight: Eric, I think I didn't have your order on file. Can you summit another one.? Sorry for that, Ricky Ho, Jantzen Tailor I was really hoping to have the shirt by Christmas, so I could wear it out, and for New Years. With my luck so far, I'll have it in time for Easter
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Dont give up hope... Or did you mean Christmas of 2004?
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That happened to me once too. I figured that if I sent another order in immediately he'd get right on it. No such luck. It's been more than 3 months without a I decided to give Chan a shot. WW Chan says the shirts will arrive in February. Sigh. Too much waiting. Gotta buy Barba's for that instant gratification...
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