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Garment District in Los Angeles

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Was downtown today looking for Loft space for a client and drove the by banners hanging off the light posts that read "LA Fashion District". I was wondering, are there any good shops downtown that i should check out for our type of clothing? I like Loehmans near the Bev. Ctr. as its closer to where i live, but didn't know if there were any 'finds' downtown that i should visit. Stevo
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There are number of outfits there, but I have never heard them particularly recommended, either here or on the Andy Forum. Roger Stuart advertizes the most heavily. I gather the best thing they have are Spanish-made Yuste suits that are reasonably attractive and good values for a $400 fused suit. The respondent in the Andy Forum said you could buy better suits for the same price if you shopped shrewdly (sales, etc.), but they weren't bad. Otherwise, the silence in these fora shouts to me that most of these outfits are probably akin to Men's Wearhouse, although I may be doing some firms an injustice.
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I may be one of the respondents from Ask Andy regarding Roger Stuart. I bought several Yuste suits in the '97--'98 time frame, back when I wore suits daily for work. They are made from decent fabrics--mine were mostly Reda and Vitale Barberis Canonico. They are fused, the fusing they use is rather stiff but they are no worse in terms of construction than what you'd find in the vast majority of mid-to-upper grade department store suits. Most of mine have bit the dust from either wear and tear or have simply given way to better suits. If you don't have time to hunt for bargains, or share the "40R curse" of never finding super deals in your size, they are a decent suit. Finding their equal or better, at equal price, is very doable but can require some legwork.
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not a clothing store, but a great shop is B.Black and Son at 548 South Los Angeles Street. It's now starting to be called the Toy District because of all the joints selling bulk plastics from China. B.Black has been in business for almost a hundred years, selling top range men's suiting fabric to the trade and an occasional walk-in customer (like me). Very friendly staff, though somewhat shocked that regular people would care enough to select their own suitings. Entire walls of tweeds (in LA.), extra fine woolens, plus stacks of swatch books to order. Get a few yards of something you like and then head over to Richard Lim's High Society Tailor on Wilshire (west of Hoover) in Koreatown and have him make it up for you (about $400). He's not exactly chatty, but he's never missed a promised deadline with me and was very responsive to my obsessive adjustments and tweaks. While he's taking your measurements, have a gander at the pictures under the glass on the big table in the center of the room. It's Richard standing next to practically everyone you've ever seen in TV and the movies (and, yes, I know how this board sniffs at the famous -- I'm not suggesting it's an indicator of quality standing alone, but it is one of those only-in-LA moments). Having the same tailor as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Ricardo Montalban is worth a smile, isn't it?
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