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http://cache.virtualtourist.com and www.aksiyon.com.tr


Machu Picchu

Huascarchina Oasis
http://thinkorthwim.com and www.ourwildride.com
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Colombia Cartagena O. Louis Mazzatenta, www.cartagenainfo.com Bogota theatre festival and Cartagena nights www.trekearth.com O. Louis Mazzatenta, www.cartagenainfo.com Jonny Cay www.trekearth.com Arauca www.trekearth.com
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Philippines El Nido Manuel Libres Librodo Jr., www.pbase.com Banaue rice terraces, popularly known as 'the eighth wonder of the world', 2000-6000 years in the making, covering 10,360 sq km. http://joyful-ep.jp George Tapan, www.atfdavao.com
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Italy Manorola, www.imageshack.us Venice Carnivale Roger Beau, http://travel.webshots.com Fiji www.imageshack.us www3.nationalgeographic.com and www.duatravel.com Czech Republic Prague www.wikipedia.org www.tunliweb.no Mexico Cabo San Lucas, www.imageshack.us Puerta Vallarta, www.imageshack.us
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Budapest Viennese ball

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We live on a very diverse planet.
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Saudi Arabia Medina http://forum.arbuz.com Jeddah beach Jodi Cobb, www3.nationalgeographic.com Greenland www.thedude.com www.flickr.com http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1242/...3ba989.jpg?v=0 Romania Transylvania, home of Draculea www.visit-transylvania.us http://img.goobix.com Myanmar 1500 year old Shwedagon pagoda, 321 ft of gold plate http://travel.webshots.com Bagan, valley of 700 temples www.picturecorrect.com Bulgaria http://speakingoffaith.publicradio.org Borovets Nikol Gruyev, www.pbase.com Mali Dogon cliff villages www.arch.mcgill.ca www.sacredsites.com Gand Mosque, Djenne http://news.bbc.co.uk Brunei www3.nationalgeographic.com Royal weddings www.bruneiresources.com, http://cache.daylife.com Poland Krakow www3.nationalgeographic.com, http://z.about.com http://cache.virtualtourist.com Gdansk and Tatras mountains
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Thailand Loy Kratong and Thai New Year www.netsalvo.com and www.foxnews.com this is just effing fantastic, I hope its still there when I go: YemenShibam oasis www.geocities.comGreeceZakynthos www.kristie.nlSantorini crater www.wikimedia.orgwww.imageshack.usNiger:George Steinmetz www.ngphotooftheday.blogspot.com/www.worldbiking.infoFinland Peter Essick www.ngphotooftheday.blogspot.com/www.hel-looks.comPakistanAzad Lake, Kashmir www.abju.com
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Papua New Guinea, the world's most multicultural place after India (3000 languages, tens of thousands of cultures):

www.flickr.com and www.sailingpng.com


reputedly the worlds' model hunting ground

www.shaebia.org and http://news.bbc.co.uk


Tikal Temple


Semana Santa procession, Antigua city

Tewfic El-Sawy, http://thetravelphotographer.blogspot.com


Swallow's Nest castle, Crimea and Ivana Kupala night, pagan midsummer

http://englishrussia.com and http://cache.daylife.com


Old Havana:

David Alan Harvey, http://photography.nationalgeographic.com


David Alan Harvey, http://thetravelphotographer.blogspot.com


Neutschwanstein Castle


Berlin Love Parade, 1.5 million clubbers:

www.wayfaring.info and www.floraberlin.de
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These images are just stunning. Thanks for taking the time to post them. Please do keep it up.

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Venezuela Angel Falls, world's tallest http://www.celtic-life.net Tepuis www.cva.org.ve Ireland www.celtic-life.net www.maire-rua.com
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Kenya Nairobi's national park: http://kenya-kenya.org Wodaabe nomads: http://news.nationalgeographic.com and www.photographersdirect.com Ethiopia the only herding primates, the Geladas of the Ethiopian Highlands http://animals.nationalgeographic.com www.jumpartist.com Orthodox cave churches: www.nytimes.com, www.washingtonpost.com www.documentography.com, http://static.howstuffworks.com
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Kampuchea Bayon faces and visiting 'pet' www3.nationalgeographic.com, www.stevemccurry.com
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Due to requests India take 2: Needs no intro, reputedly the most beautiful building in the world (all about proportions they say): http://blog.lib.umn.edu Ranthambore's ruined palace Aditya Singh www.flickr.com United Arab Emirates worlds tallest building, over twice the height of Empire State building and still climbing Khalid LJ, www.photobucket.com http://photos.igougo.com, http://alisha.nomadlife.org
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