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Define your style

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Over the past year, I have been refining my clothing selection to what works for me and focusing on a style that I feel comfortable in. Thanks to Styleforum of course. Asking this topic, let me begin with me. On a whole, I would define my style as modern conserative. I don't know if they is a oxy moron but alas I have found this to be my style. My style as a whole borders on preppy but only hints of true preppiness with huge influences of British styling. Weekends, I don't mind a simple shirt and jeans with boots. Work clothes, I like a very clean look. Not sleek in a sense since I don't think wearing too much black is a good thing. Funny since most asians worship black. On a autumn day, one of the favorites is simply a crisp semi-spread collar white shirt over a dark navy sweater and charcoal slacks. Striped shirts are a favorite of mines too. I don't think I can ever have too many shirts. Strong contrast, not a big fan of earth tones although camel is one of the few I really like.
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If I was to pidgeonhole my style into one category without trying to sound vain, I would probably just go with "west coast hipster." It's hard to decide how I think other people view me, when my style goals are still far off and may be considerably different from how I actually appear right now. There are so many different types of styles that I try to implement into my own that I hate being left out and just leaving myself in one category. Ideally, I would wear edgy, fashion-forward suits in interesting fabrics every day, but rarely ever a traditional suit/tie combo.
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Colder than the North Pole, fly like a muthaf*ckin pelican, ya heard?.
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i remember some time ago someone on here mentioned they were going for a 'gentleman hobo' look. id have to say that goes for my style as well. I love very well made items as they start to age. The slight fraying of the edge of the french cuffs of my shirts. The pilling of my cashmere sweaters. Elbows getting worn in on tweed and flannel coats. Well worn, but extremely cared for Edward Green shoes, as well as Alden Cordovan Chukkas. Classic items in very 1930s patterns and styles. 3 piece suits, kept for a long time, worn in, but worn in perfectly. I hate looking too perfect, clothing wise. I like looking like I dont care how I look, even though it might take me lots of time to acheive that.
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on one hand, i wear well made suits and shirts on most days. i'm definitely considered the dandy of my family and circle of friends, but i don't like to wear ties, or jewelry, or cufflinks. i don't comb my hair or use any styling products, and i only shave a couple of times a week. i rarely wear a watch, and a lot of the time i don't care if my clothes match. i only like black, white, grey, and brown. i'm just now spreading into blue... i guess that's not a style.
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I love pigeonhole categories. This is fun. SoCal style as interpreted by a guy who grew up in the East - i.e. LA style in more somber, earthtoned (rather than bright and jewel toned) colors.
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Art History professor turned professional. I favor a mixture of the country look that Ernest hates, and the urban nerd look that LA Guy detests. My sneakers are reserved for the gym and I like wearing boots during the winter.
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actually, I think that the overall issue of "personnal style" is more important that the pieces. I frankly try to look proffetional, important, well put together but not like I put too much time into it. I like to look very similar every day, almost to the extent that people (who weren't very observant) would think that I always wore the same thing. not in fashion. typically that is dark suits with a waistcoat, some double breasted some single, black shoes, a dark blue tie, a patterned shirt with white collar and cuff. braces, simple cufflinks. I find that this usually fits in almst every where I go - germans usually talk to me in german, ditto french, and in all but the poorest countries of eastern europe. I guess that "pompass asshole" would sum up my personnal style....
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I guess my personal style could be deemed "Elvis meets Prince Charles".I like combining elements of contemporary and vintage British and American style.I could be seen wearing a black Huntsman sportcoat over a 50's Black ,Red and Ivory panel shirt over black jeans.Or,a vintage Buco horsehide jacket over a white Hilditch and key shirt and Pal Zileri corduroy jeans.On the other hand,for work,I guess I conform to the 2 piece business suit.[b]
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I don't know how I would describe myself...My friends say I'm always dressed to impress, I get lots of compliments, but I wear so many different things. I've been seen in white thong sandals, brilliant white fitted linen pants, a vertical stripe shirt with white, reds, oranges and blue.  Very summer, it was at a themed party over the summer. I wear suits to go out clubbing, me and my friends all do, the club we used to frequent just hired us to promote for them. I wear tons of blazers, alot of the casual ones I got from thrift stores.  I pretty much only find blazers at thrift stores, but a friend of mine found a tee shirt for employee's of "Saudi Arabian Airlines", hilarious. I love earth tones, especially browns.  But I also pair my khaki, and brown slacks to very colorful multistripe shirts.  Too many guys walking around with black slacks and a shirt with oranges, reds and yellows, it looks sooo much better paired with light khaki. I wear a few newsboy caps. I was about to start getting into fedora's ala Bogey, but Ashton Kutcher kinda killed that one for me. I definetly mix it up too much to classify myself into a "style" category. My most common trend in how I dress is probably Earth tones, and bright pastels. Eric
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Continental. But all I really aim for is "better dresed than most of my contemporaries." Present company excluded, of course The office is casual. Not business casual, but "Casual." Clothing encouraged. but shorts are not out of place in summer for a couple of my colleagues. Having said that, I try to uphold at least a business casual look at all times. And that means nice fabrics and tailored clothing for me. All of my idols were screen stars of the 30s - early 60s. My wardrobe, with a few modern exceptions, has been built around those looks. Yes, I do own a bowler and a set of tails.
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English Gentleman. Maybe that explains why most of my clothes are RL and Flusser?
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Obviously the only way to describe my personal style is: Da' Bomb Diggity. To class / work I will normally wear (I work at a B2B software firm): Jeans / pleated chinos / baggy linen pants, all uppers are worn out: t-shirts (fairly fitting, long and short sleeves) / polo shirts (RL custom-fit / Lacoste Sport) / button down short-sleeved shirts, Puma's / Adidas / Cole Haan's / To Boot New York (casual models). On rare occasions I will wear dress slacks and rubber-soled dress shoes (AE, Ferragamo, etc...) and will tuck uppers in, which at least gives me a chance to show off one of my Hermes / Cartier belts. Weekends (not going out: date, dinner with friends / family, etc...): shorts or some sort of casual pant (including {I hear people on the forum grinding their teeth} sweat pants), a casual upper of some sort, and sneakers or flip-flops. On special occasions, I dress for the part with various MTM / highly modified RTW suits / sports coats with / without MTM lapelled vests, fairly spread / cutaway / shark collar shirts (Zegna / Napoli Couture, H&K, T&A) fairly conservative-patterned ties (but some with bold colors, such as bright orange) from a multitude of companies, dress loafers / monk strap shoes from various American / Italian / English manufacturers. I guess I don't have a definite style; I can go from "Dude." to "Madam, please permit me to open the door" at the drop of a hat. So, ultimately my style should be categorized as: Versatile. Just for illustration, today I am sporting: An RL Custom-Fit "˜Create Your Own' Polo shirt in "˜turn-signal orange' with matching-colored Pony and vintage year. GAP baggy, white linen / cotton "˜beach pants' And a pair of Adidas Y-3: Yohji Yamamoto "˜Field IV A' shoes in brown suede. Jon.
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Now that I think about it, I have two basic looks. First, the everyday 'don't- want- to- think- about- what- I'm- wearing- on- my- way- to- the- hardware- store- and- post- office' look. And secondly the '1930s-Anglo-American-dandy-Fred-Astaire-wannabe-Yes-I-own-and-wear-ascots-waistcoats-wa tchchains-and bowlers' look.This is my favorite.
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