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Actually, I have visited Amsterdam many times, and it's one of my favourite cities.  I spent a few days at the Krasnapolsky last Christmas, which was very pleasant.  I can't say I noticed an excessive amount of dog mess.  I did notice a massive increase in errrm, non-Dutch people - because we had luggage we took a taxi from the Centraal Station to the Krasnapolsky, and the driver didn't know the way.  For those who don't know it, it's about 300mtr in front of the station.  The situation was not helped by his inability to speak Dutch.  Or English.  Or German. Or French.  Serbo-Croat seemed as if it might be familiar, but just about all I can say is 'NATO, stop or I fire.', which may not have been helpful.  I  seemed to hear many more foreign languages than used to be the case - or maybe it's just me...
Last week I walked in the Kalverstraat (pretty long street with a lot of stores) for about 15 minutes without hearing any dutch at all. So it is not just you. But it's kind of fun too.
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How about in the US? Does anyone have any best/worst in the states?
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I thought Oslo had the best looking women on my travels.
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Least favorite cities in the US: Youngstown, Ohio Milwaukee (Sorry Vman) Jacksonville, FL Montgomery, AL Birmingham, AL Mobile, AL (see a trend?) Philadelphia
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at 25 I loved amsterdam. at 37 I found it boring.
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Buffalo, NY. It's like Minneapolis-St. Paul with less optimism. Oh, and Minneapolis-St.Paul As well.
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I second Buffalo, NY. I went to a conference there last year and in between the biting -30 degree winds, general grime, I had some of the worst Buffalo wings I've ever had in my life....go figure.
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Syracuse is not too great either, lots of snow. I had a bunch of friends that went to Cornell and I don't know how they survived...
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Madison, WI Tulsa, OK Oklahoma City, OK St. Louis, MO London, ON Ft. Wayne, IN
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Drew, hmm, you're the first person who I've heard put Madison on that list, especially with the cities you've mentioned, what did you not like about it? I think Madison is certainly a pretty city, if a bit short on nightlife for those above their early 20s. It does get rather cold in the winter though. I lived there for about 20 years so I am fairly familiar with the town
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The only city I can think of that I really hate is Tijuana. I live only a 15 minute drive away from it, so I've been there a few times and man... is it pure trash or what. There's nothing cool about TJ except for cheap drinks, but you don't want to take too much advantage of that benefit because you might pass out and end up in jail or getting beat by a police officer for no reason. And it is known for people dropping rufies, etc. in your drink. I don't think I'll ever go back to TJ unless its to go through it to see the farther southern Mexico, which is stunningly beautiful.
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I'm surprised Baltimore hasn't come up in the lists of American cities. I don't particularly dislike it, but the urban areas outside the Inner Harbor leave a little to be desired.
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Charm City? The City that Reads? You're right, Hopkins, Baltimore is kind of a joke. The inner harbor is an ultra-generic tourist trap, and that's the best they've got. Baltimore really doesn't have a whole lot of character, and what they do have - history, some nice art - they don't play up. So you get people excited to come to Baltimore and go to ESPNZone. B-more Aquarium is, admittedly, pretty cool. Drive 30 mins south and you're in DC, which is cleaner and has some flavor; 1.5 hrs north you're in Philly, which has a lot of character. Baltimore is gritty without being cool. My least favorite cities: New Haven, CT; Albany, NY; Harrisburg, PA. For international: Madrid, but only because I got mugged there; city was alright, food was excellent, art incredible.
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I love the slogan "The City That Reads". Some of my friends at Hopkins have a picture of a homeless guy sleeping on a bench that says "The City That Reads" with a newspaper over his face. Quite ironic. Now all of the benches say "The Greatest City in America". That one is even better.
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I personally think "The City of Brotherly Love" is a bit... yeah.
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