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Taken 1/01/05 HAPPY NEW YEAR. post edited to remove picture I have decided is not worthy of being posted...
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Here's another.
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Did you use the fancy fireworks mode?
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actually... no. I usually set it manually. These were F - 2.8 with a 1/1.3 shutter, and then photoshopped at my discretion.
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Here is one of my favorite places (eventhough it's not a city, I thought you might enjoy)
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I feel like I've been there or something. Where is that?
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I took those on the Utah side of Lake Powell
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Taken on a Mobile Phone (Motorolla V3) Dubai Shiekh Zayed Road
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Sorry about the size of that one, its actually sized as a desktop pic for those who are so inclined...
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From Budapest:
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What is that first picture of? Looks like a palace or a government building or something. Nice night photo.
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The castle on Castle Hill. From what I understand it is not original, but rebuilt.
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Yeah, it was destroyed during WWII, it is still the official residence of the President of Hungary as I understand.
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