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"Cashmere Mink" topcoat

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Picked up this topcoat on ebay and couldn't be happier with it. Cashmere mink topcoat Any ideas about what "cashmere mink" is or when this was made? Thanks.
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I would have bid on this had the coat been longer.... I don't know the age, but I Magnin was a high-end department store in DC (and perhaps other cities). I recall going to the I Magnin at Mazza Gallerie in DC back in the early 1980s. I believe it closed sometime before 1990. "Cashmere mink" sounds like either -- a trade name for a maker's cashmere or (less likely) a blend of mink and cashmere.
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Judging by the lapels (which are relatively narrow) and the label, I'd peg the coat anywhere from the late 50s to the mid/late 60s.
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I Magnin was one of the top-end department stores in San Francisco when I was growing up in Northern California. I think the Federated conglomerate bought them out and consolidated the stores, but I could be way off base. FWIW.
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If you do a search on EBay for "I Magnin" most of the stuff comes up (over 100 hits.) labeled as "vintage." Some of it is said to be from the 1950s.
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(IMMSMC i. magnin was a very high-end retailer in direct competition with Neiman Marcus. It was owned by Macy's at least towards the end of its life. Its flagship, I believe, was in San Francisco, directly across the street from the Neiman Marcus there and in what is now one of the Macy's buildings. It went out of business in 1994. I happened to be in the area and almost bought a Prada dopp kit there. Around the same time Macy's was facing or in bankruptcy. Federated (which owns Bloomingdales) bought them, but I don't know if they caused i. magnin to close down. IMMSMC there is a store called J.Magnin in La Jolla which is still open -- wonder if it is a relation.
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I have a vintage overcoat that the label says is 80% cashmere and 20% mink fiber.
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I.Magnin was the luxury emporium of the West Coast. The flagship in Union Square is now the Vuitton, and Ferragamo shop. There is also a fairly well-known Art Deco building that was a store in Oakland. It is next to the Paramount Theatre.
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I picked up a very similar cashmere coat at a thrift store a few weeks ago, with the same pick stitching, length and pocket style, though a lower button stance. It says 100% Mongolian Cashmere and was has a Frank Brothers label. Never heard of Frank bros., but I wouldn't be surprised if it were made by the same company as your coat. I think the "Cashmere Mink" is most likely a trade name, as kabert suggested. I wonder could a close-up of the fabric tell us more?
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One time, I found a scarf that said "CashMink" on the label. It was 100% acrylic. That's hilarious. That probably didn't help too much, did it...
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