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When we moved into our new apt. my gf wanted me to get rid of stuff. Why should the whole walk in closet be yours? Walk in closets are for amateurs. I need a whole room. Far too much casual clothes, as I wear suits/SC everyday. Grew out of most of my suits, which were going to go bye-bye soon anyways. As I replace, with the help of what i've learned on the StyleForum, I'll have a much improved, versatile, and quality wardrobe. Most of my suits have been HSM and Abboud, and for less money, I can now buy better. One thing keeping me in check, is my recently expanded physique. I am about a 50-52R(in denial) and have trouble finding such on eBay, that looks good and is quality. Just gotta be ready to pull the trigger when it happens. I love the idea of extra pants and a vest with each MTM suit. Changes the whole look.