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Hmm, another black/brown thread

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I bought these last week (with that 20% discount coupon) for $135. Do you think these boots with black leather would be too clashing? or is that a good contrast? (They are brown/grey)
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I don't know what I'd wear those with.
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i agree with truthhurts. what would you wear 'em with? i think it's silly to buy something just because you had a 20% coupon. it kinda looks like one of those puma suede hightops. just my $0.02
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Assuming you don't mean leather pants, I'd say that there's not enough contrast between the boots and the black of your jacket. It'll come across as murky. I'm not sure they'll look right with a leather jacket in any case--they're not quite dressy, but they're not trainers. A more casual jacket might be called for.
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Wear them with suede, preferably cement-colored, or exposed shearling dyed gray, or a flannel shirt and jeans. hell, I don't know.
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I gotta agree with Alexis. Those are really casual boots. No "classic" black outerwear. Either something really high tech (like brown nylon) or something textured and distressed. Can't say I'm a huge fan of Prada Sport footwear though.
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I got them because I like the design, I mentioned the coupon because people were discussing it earlier. Anyways, I will have them pretty soon so I will try them with various items, I think I may end up wearing them with casual jackets that I have that are blue or green.
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also, when i meant with black leather, i meant in a pretty casual setting w/ jeans.
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You should have a racing jumpsuit made of tan Nomex with stirrups so you can tuck the legs into the boot tops. Actually, I think jeans would go fine, because you won't be able to see the tops; they will look like regular suede sneakers.
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yeah, I think they will look like tan america's cups pretty much.
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I got these boots today, they are actually really cool IMO, they're much darker than the picture on bluefly would indicate, more of a chocolate brown, and the grey mesh panels are more like dark charcoal, almost black panels, the overall effect is pretty neat, I wore them with a black leather jacket and they look smooth.
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